Zippo Hand Warmer Review

Zippo Hand Warmer Review

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25 Responses

  1. anders pape says:

    its fake

  2. joseph brunais says:

    not cotton its rayon

  3. Chaotix1992 says:

    +Lizard6376 Every 70-80 uses

  4. Luc Lalande says:

    Zippo Hand Warmer Review

    From Zippo – The Zippo Hand Warmer is a perfect accessory to combat the
    chill, no matter what your outdoor activity.
    Warm your hands while camping, fishing, hiking, and hunting. The Hand
    Warmer is great for football games, from tailgating through final whistle.
    Warm up during winter sport activities: skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling,
    and ice hockey.
    Put the Hand Warmer to work on the job: forestry service, construction, or
    virtually any outdoor occupation.

  5. ksk8er07 says:

    its defiantly a genuine zippo product

  6. Michael g says:


  7. mediamst says:

    Yup. Those are super handy as well!

  8. Ekwenox says:

    can’t wait. ordered mine on ebay for 12bucks.

  9. Raggy60 says:

    You are supposed to let it burn out BUT I have been known to flick the
    burner off.

  10. ksk8er07 says:

    what is the warranty on these sons of bitches?

  11. HalfLife2Beta says:

    damn its way too big I thought I could hold it easily in my hands

  12. mediamst says:


  13. aga080 says:

    Holy shit dude. Best Review ever. Thank you so much.

  14. mediamst says:

    I’m wearing a fucking fart t-shit.

  15. Akaliptos says:

    /watch?v=vecAHZxtyw0 my zippo colection 🙂 its small collection but i hope
    you like any of them

  16. ksk8er07 says:

    about 5 years

  17. CaliforniaCarpenter7 says:

    You sound like you just watched your entire family get hacked to death with
    a machete, then got kicked in the nuts, spilled your last beer and
    discovered you were terminally ill.

  18. MMTTSS says:

    Just bought mine from

  19. devon mahno says:

    im getting 2

  20. echorse says:

    This should be from the book “how to be badass”

  21. billybonds34 says:

    for zippo products your only supposed to use zippo lighter fluid and yes
    there is a difference. if you use a different brand name fluid like the one
    in the video it does not give off as good of a flame as if you use the
    brand name fluid for your brand name lighter. 😉 your welcome buddy

  22. James Cooper says:

    It has a little platinum burner on top of the fuel reservoir that you have
    to light in order to get it working, that is the element.

  23. mediamst says:

    Just pull the wick out.

  24. Lizard6376 says:

    Can someone tell me how often you have to replace the element that burns?

  25. Mert Herbet says:

    @AznThatSkates Put it an a … where is no Oxygen

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