Your Immune System: Natural Born Killer – Crash Course Biology #32

Your Immune System: Natural Born Killer - Crash Course Biology #32

Hank tells us about the team of deadly ninja assassins that is tasked with protecting our bodies from all the bad guys that want to kill us – also known as our immune system. Crash Course…

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25 Responses

  1. Daran Roberton says:

    Very informative, educational and comical..great presentation..

  2. Gene Kim says:

    2 things. if the nk cell kills cancer cells, why do people still suffer
    cancer? Is it cuz the nk cell doesn’t do it’s job, is it because cancer
    cells grow uncontrollably?
    and also, how is every cancer cell in every human slightly different? DNA,
    but how does that effect how we treat cancer?

  3. Aguila701 says:

    Why do germs, viruses, bacteria and fungus want to kill you? FUCK DISEASES
    TO HELL. Hah those little bitches think they can come into our lives and
    wipe out a third of our population when they feel like it (bubonic plague,
    Spanish Flu and a myriad of other examples throughout history), I say WE
    Humanity has enough problems without having to deal with those
    motherfuckers. Let’s fight back using research, medication, new inventions,
    creativity and a bunch of other methods, let’s throw at them everything we
    got.Let’s show them what happens to them when you fuck with humanity. H1N1,
    avian flu, aids, ebola, cancer everything, those little bitches fucked with
    the wrong species, and now they are going to pay the consequences. Who
    agrees? Or would you rather just take it lying down and let those little
    assholes walk all over you.

  4. Julian Daw says:

    They should make a TV show about the immune system.
    White blood cells and T and B cells will be the cops fighting an
    unstoppable army of gangs and mobsters (viruses and bacteria )

  5. Daniel Acar says:

    Thank you Hank Green and the team! I just want to say that your videos are
    extremely helpful 🙂 and humorous at that! You always seem to know exactly
    what I need when it comes to explanations on certain hard to grasp subjects
    ~(>.<~) and for that I love you all

  6. Sean Stratton says:

    Man, this makes Osmosis Jones seem much more simplified than I thought it

    Then again, I don’t trust Warner Bros. to not have a field day with the
    term ‘phagocyte’, so maybe it’s for the best.

  7. NeonsStyle says:

    And this children is why you should not live in a sterile environment,
    because your immune system will learn zilch about pathogens and when one
    finally does get in, ur dead!. This is also why just about every baby on
    the planet eats dirt at some point in their first 2 years. What a great way
    to learn about nasty bugs, just go eat a mess of them. Just remember, a few
    bugs in ur life are a good thing.

  8. Valtazar guinto says:

    Love your informative videos man. Keep it up.

  9. Haley Bogers says:

    This video was not only very helpful but it also cracked me up.
    Thank you.

  10. Jordan Chung says:

    I’m trying to cram at 1 in the morning for a final and his energy is all
    that is keeping me going.

  11. Mithra Attanayake says:

    Although Bacteria are bad for us, most of the bacteria are actually good
    for us and we cannot live without them, thats how Humans were evolved to
    be. If we destroy all the bacteria in this world eventually we would die
    with them, and with all other species. We are not the rulers in this world.

  12. Michael Pinnegar says:

    How do these cells come in contact with each other? Are the patrolling
    cells just bumping into pathogens by sheer luck, or is there some form of
    locomotion that these cells use to actively seek out other cells to probe?

  13. Fluffy Tails says:

    The pig sounds at the end xD

  14. Matthew Potts says:

    But friend, what happens between the T Cell and B Cell? You kinda just show
    it with a little sound effect at 13:36, but you don’t really say anything
    about it.

  15. KaosFireMaker says:

    On the whole, what natural killer cells do is a lot more intimidating than
    an ak47. to move to a human metaphor they are reaching out, grabbing you,

  16. Tony Stark says:

    Mistake at 11:34
    Animal Cells do not have cell walls

  17. superque4 says:

    Please explain cancer to me. I understand that cancer cells naturally occur
    in everyone and.that our immune system kills them daily.

    What happens differently when people get cancer (the “regular” variety, not
    because they live beside a leaky reactor)? Do the cancer cells somehow
    become walled off from the bloodstream, replicating uncontrollably and
    preventing the immune system from doing its job? 

  18. pinkie pie says:

    pig noises at the end tho :3

  19. jortikka a says:

    so much stuff in one video… uhhh

  20. Maria Gil de Sagredo says:

    Is fun and humour, I like that, great way to learned for kids….and big
    ones :-)

  21. Hunter Depara says:

    Excuse my French.. but you’re the fuckin man

  22. Jennifer Truman says:

    I quite love you! This is the best way I learn…and YOU my friend are a

  23. Thor Odinson says:


  24. godzillaisnuclea123 says:

    Those pigs were so cute

  25. Sophia Rodriguez says:

    hi there

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