WVU Drumline on the Law School Hill 09/04/2011 HD

Back for the 2011 season! WVU 34 Marshall 13. Go shelter under the concourse or in the indoor practice facility! Thunderstorms ended up killing the game, but the weather pre-game was fine….

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11 Responses

  1. Myia Thornton says:

    that guys hype energy makes me wanna get hype lol

  2. CMCLis says:

    That was awesome!

  3. 0boardcertified0 says:

    &*%$ THE HERD!!!!!!

  4. DonKnottsBoulevard says:

    @CMCLis Glad you liked it. The 09/24 show is, if anything, even better!

  5. Matthew Bland says:

    song called at 12:25

  6. Werner95ful says:

    11:15 is badass!!!!!!

  7. 872reidloS says:

    0:36 FUB

  8. WVUDrummergirl says:

    Can’t be too much of a rivalry… I married one of those tuba players! lol

  9. TanZaiGeo says:


  10. Laura Messer says:

    My son says that your son is really good. Leader as a sophomore is great.
    Apparently, though there is some sort of rivalry between the drumline and
    the tuba corps. Probably because they are the two coolest sections of the

  11. Keygan R. Boesiger says:

    @xtap712 Maybe the football team…

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