Women’s Ideal Body Types Throughout History

A diverse cast of models shows how the standard of beauty for women has changed dramatically over time. Find out more about how our perception of women’s beauty has evolved: …
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25 Responses

  1. 0oXEROo0 says:

    so back then it was like “yeah your face has to be..uh…symetrical..yeah.”

  2. A SH says:

    Big butts. That’s this era trend 

  3. BuzzFeedVideo says:
  4. MsRussianNinja says:

    I really like all of them
    But if I had to pick, I like Ancient Greece and Roaring Twenties the best. 

  5. Connor Healy says:

    They got one thing in common: They’re all still pretty hot. Trends change,
    but people do not.

  6. May Jeganmogan says:

    For millions of years, women have been going through all sorts to achieve
    “beauty” and that “beauty” has always been decided by society.

    For example, back in the day most people in Europe were quite poor so if
    you were larger, it meant you were from a rich family or had money. This
    had connotations with beauty during that Renaissance Period.

    Now, we live in a western society where a girl with an hourglass figure is
    considered fat by some- when it has to do with her bone structure.

    Girls who are overweight should be ashamed of themselves and lose weight.

    Girls from as young as 6 years old worry about getting too fat because of
    society and its “beauty”.

    At least 20 girls die every hour because of society and its “beauty”.

    To all the people in the comments fat shaming, I have no words but just
    emotion of disgust and disbelief. 

  7. Charlie Korovilas says:

    The ancient Greek one is bullshit. I know in ancient Sparta the women were
    known for being slim and athletic, not like that chubby bitch this video
    showed. And Spartan women were considered the most beautiful in Greece,
    even the Athenians said how hot their women were.

    Also why did the Ancient Egyptian look Sub-Saharan? She should look North
    African, they were Mediterranean people.

  8. Kennomai says:

    I would perfectly fit in the golden age of hollywood

  9. Jane T says:

    Women created all men who created all things. No woman came out of the
    man’s rib but all men came out of the woman’s womb. Women have a prominent
    place in history – mother, wife, goddess, muse, dancer, actress, artist,
    writer, queen. Women are precious and worth much more than men that’s why
    men are dying on wars and having the most dangerous jobs. When the ship is
    drowning men are not likely to be survivors, it’s always women, children
    and old people who is supposed to be the first in line. It’s not a
    coincidence. Today we western girls have human rights and traditional
    privileges. We’d better not to brag about it and support our boys – make
    them feel special and inspire with beauty. 

  10. EthanMakesVideos says:

    Why, in gods name, would they include ‘thigh gap’ in the ideal body type
    for the current time? I’m not knocking them, but I’m just saying, really?
    You have to be THAT specific? Thigh gap was just one craze that lasted for
    like, two months? Much like big butts, and words such as ‘bae’ and ‘slay’. 

  11. AimlessMoto says:

    Over 60% of what we’ve liked over the years are larger-bodied, curvy women.
    Kinda cool.

  12. Isaac Karayoff says:

    Roaring twenties is bangin

  13. Paul Hhong says:

    Wrong about the post modern age, strong is now the new skinny. The ideal
    woman lifts just like the ideal man. Think Jen Selter, Jenna Renee Webb,
    Caroline Berg Eriksen, Jennifer England, Michelle Lewin, Nikki and Brie
    Bella etc.

  14. lauratic marano says:

    Am I the only one that liked Ancient Greece?

  15. Natalya Croston says:

    Notice how *every other generation* didn’t care about thigh gaps? That’s
    how our generation should be. But no.. We all need to be as thin as a twig
    with the hugest, most unhealthy thigh gap. Our society is fucking

  16. Elanax says:

    I have a thigh gap but I don’t see what’s attractive about a space in
    between your legs????? 

  17. 441meatloaf says:

    Who is the fucking moron to use white background and then white text?

  18. Spandan Behera says:

    background song is beautiful… which song is this??

  19. kittyloverandcat66 says:

    Yass ladies slaaaay!! 

  20. Anna-Maria Galperina says:

    I’m glad to see girls in the comments saying that they are confident with
    their body, that’s nice to see. But to all the girls who think their boobs
    are too small, trust me, having bigger boobs can be a huge problem,
    especially if you have a small body structure. It’s hard to find tank tops
    that fit, and don’t get me started on bras. Just saying, idk if that helps

  21. byPsyko | 心理 says:

    Is it me, or anyone else thinks those *really* slim girls are disgusting?

  22. Anna Lara says:

    I find them all very beautiful. I am very skinny myself and all bodies are
    very different. But i find the ‘bigger’ women prettier. 

  23. kayla jade says:

    Omg that girl actually looks like kim kardashian

  24. stargirl0411 says:

    if you pause at exactly 2:36 you can see the naked picture of kim k ….
    that weird because its “postmodern beauty” thats not beauty, that

  25. Bi3berhole69 says:

    Girls without thigh gaps should be executed.

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