Womens Full Body Toning Home Workout!

Heres a great home workout that will workout every muscle in your body: Legs, Arms, Abs, Butt, Shoulder, Back, and Chest. You’ll be doing Triceps Press Planks, Lunges, Ice Skaters, One are…
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  1. Rhonda Morris says:

    Womens Full Body Toning Home Workout!: http://youtu.be/lRCZSWeSQFs

  2. burnchurchs666 says:

    Will i see results if i do this every day?

  3. trevian mckinnon says:

    her legs are wow

  4. Debbiet40 says:

    Thank You.

  5. Sara Hawthorne says:

    That was great! Thank you!

  6. womensworkoutchannel says:
  7. Mariela Rodriguez says:

    What about the chest exercise?

  8. Heather Laupa says:

    How many tmes a week should I do this?

  9. Yosra Ryan says:


  10. Berry Baby says:

    Do you have any recommendations for eating habits as well. I am trying to
    lose 25 pounds and I will like some help. Thank you

  11. Country boy Doomes says:

    I love u

  12. Klaaw Lobos says:

    oh no! check out her instagram she has fake tits now

  13. Serch Ram says:


  14. agustinv0510 says:

    LOVE your WORKOUT…. Vicky……

  15. G unite says:

    I love it girl i wanna be your camera man he need to put that camera in the
    part u working for it if u working your ass put the camera in the back

  16. James Reyes says:

    Awesome video

  17. AssAdmiration says:

    Wow Vicky, just wow..lol

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