Winter Skincare & Foundation Routine 2015 For Dry, Acne Prone Skin | Melanie Murphy

Hey webfriends! Please thumbs up if you enjoy this winter skin care and makeup routine! I included some tips on how to avoid dry, flaky skin this time of year as SO many of yous have asked…
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25 Responses

  1. Caitlin De Silva says:

    Thanks so much for this! It’s currently 30 degrees where I am in Australia,
    but I’m going to London soon so this is useful :)

  2. Jody van Kuijk says:

    This was a very helpful video, and the move your hand made at the beginning
    when you said hi was fabulous xx

  3. DramaticMac says:

    Awww gurl you give me life.. I love you.. Cannot wait to film with you next
    week.. Great tips in this video I’m not the best when it comes to skin care
    I never know what to be using half the time iv like 5000 products on the go
    at the moment.. Xxxx

  4. BeautyLifeMichelle says:

    “Hyaluronic acid is the foreplay”?! LOOOOOL – I’m going into very hot
    weather here in Aus but still loved this vid :)xx

  5. Annah Niram says:

    i used to love your videos but now you talk too muchhh :((

  6. Brittany Bergin says:

    Holy moly box of biscuits! Haha i love it and I’m going to have to steal
    your line! Great video Melanie. I have dry/ combo skin as well and I’ve
    been using the l’oreal lumi foundation. It’s not my favorite but it does
    the job. I’m on the search for my holy grail foundation 

  7. missdemicarla says:

    Hey doll! Loved the video!! Thanks for sharing 🙂 You are seriously
    gorgeous! Great job! Subbed hun x

  8. Carly Rowena says:

    Tesco got game! Loved this video, you’ve saved my flakey ass face! Looking
    forward to filming with you soon! xxxx

  9. NakedWithoutMyLippy says:

    Ah just the video I needed to watch. My skin is being a little bastard to
    me at the moment, dry and spotty skin all over the place. I went into The
    Body Shop awhile back to try the vitamin E range but the smell was just
    awful. Do you find this too? I’m going to give the brown sugar trick a go!
    I’m obsessed with the L’Oréal True Match lately after I previously hated
    it. You should try out the Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer SPF 30. My
    friend had really troubled skin and the woman at Bare Minerals popped the
    mineral foundation on her and I had to be honest and say it clung to her
    skin like a MOFO! I like the sound of the new serum one but you’re right
    i’ve heard a lot of shit about the brush and two drops not covering the
    whole face. Helpful video 🙂 XX

  10. EllieJayden says:

    I really want to try a clarosonic (am I spelling that correctly? Lol) I’ve
    heard some great reviews about it. I’ve a manual skin brush from pennys & I
    quite like it so I might invest in a clarosonic in the new year. 

  11. Laura Neuzeth says:

    Your skin looks amazing Melanie! I swear that you’re glowing from within
    nowadays. :-)

  12. Sarah SQ says:

    you look prettier with this hair style

  13. Ethan McErlean says:

    can you do a fall or winter hair tutorial or like something with your hair?

  14. moosewhale says:

    I think it’s good to remember AHA’s ARE exfoliants. If your skin is
    sensitive I wouldn’t use any physical exofliators alongside something like
    glycolic and lactic acid in case of chemical burns.

    I wouldn’t recommend the bareMinerals foundation if you have flaky,
    textured skin. It makes those areas stand out.

  15. Dyl Jordan says:

    You’re so enjoyable to watch 

  16. Laura Logozzo says:

    i’m loving so so sooo much the dermablend foundation!i have terrible
    blemishes all over my cheeks and really oily skin and this stuff HELPS SO
    MUCH! it’s kinda expensive (i’m 14 hahaha) but it really does its job! i
    wanted to ask.. since i’m really young … do i need a serum or nah? ^^
    your skin looks so good in this video! <3

  17. Ronette Jaene Tejones says:

    My answer for the secret question: Well I pretty much drank like a gallon
    of mango shake from the park this week which I can do since it’s hardly
    cold here in my country even if it’s winter. But for warm drinks I love the
    cream latte coffee or the caramel macchiato from starbucks. Awesome video

  18. Hilde Garborg Vårlid says:

    Yay cool video. I want to try the bare minerals one day. But right now I am
    sticking to my Jane Iredale makeup. Love when the brand is all about the
    skincare makeup stuff. ♡ xx

  19. Melanie Murphy says:

    SLAY THE FLAKE MONSTER, PEOPLE! My winter skincare routine & current
    foundation of choice! #beauty #youtube 

  20. Patricia Thoma says:

    I can proudly say: Water! 🙂 Yay me. hahaha #quenched 

  21. Rachel P. says:

    love this video, thanks for uploading it melanie! i normally have oily
    acne-prone skin, but last winter, i had the driest skin of my life!! not
    cute! this time, i am armed and ready with my l’oreal youth code serum
    (need year-round for texture/acne scar treatment), josie maran facial oils,
    and my hada labo tokyo replenishing hydrator. i have to listen to my skin
    each day and adjust according to what it needs. a really dry day will mean
    facial oil; a combo day will mean the lightweight replenishing hydrator
    (which has that amazing hyaluronic acid!) i use the hada labo eye cream day
    and night as well. #quenched : i probably drink more water than anything,
    but coffee is a close second ;)

  22. Morgan Rose says:

    Water #quenched

  23. Sarah marinkovich says:

    This video was great and so funny! Did you say holy moly box of biscuits?

  24. AoifeJane says:

    “maybe you’re watching this because you’re doing a poo and you’ve nothing
    else to do” hahaha and “it’s a load of bullshit you won’t get 2 drops of
    the foundation over your face” oh Melanie you say the funniest things! Haha
    speaking the truth though! 🙂 thanks for all the info, I’ve never tried any
    Bare Minerals products before! Really wanna get that serum you use though!
    I may have to pop into boots and get it! 😉 my skin is very dry so that
    would be great! X

  25. lindalou83 says:

    I drink a lot of tea really #quenched

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