Winter Bushcraft Camp Pt 1 – Stealth Approach ( primalarcher and Central Oregon Survival Network)

Winter Bushcraft Camp Pt 1 – Stealth Approach (with primalarcher and Central Oregon Survival Network) A trip into our bush camp to practice some winter bushcraft woodcraft. I tried a stealth…
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20 Responses

  1. the mi woodsman says:

    great vid Casey i think you had them too ! lol you all have a awesome set
    up there my friend ! keep the vids coming
    atb john

  2. Central Oregon Survival Network says:

    Nice, you did get the drop on us for sure… You are lucky I just dumped
    all my trip wires out of the pack before this trip… LOL Next time game
    on bro!! LOL Had a great time my friend, glad you made it up!!! Steaks were
    good too… Will have to get back up there soon!! Make a common area…

  3. Oregon Mike says:

    Next time… just a nudge “water balloons” :-)

  4. willy bailey says:

    looks like you made your way up on them pretty good Casey !!

  5. Kullcraven Bushcraft says:

    Hey bro, i just subbed ya, good video and cool guys your hanging with man. 

  6. Jacqui Blanchard says:

    Looks like an awesome trip. Love that shelter!!

  7. Bushcraft knack says:

    haha this was a funny one. I enjoy your dudes meet ups i enjoyed!! atb

  8. BluegrassBushcraft says:

    Great video. Nothing like a good ambush. Thanks for sharing. Atb. Robert

  9. coyote238 says:

    You sneaky Coyote .

  10. Frogtac's Gear Sanctuary says:

    That looks like SO MUCH FUN! !!!!! man I wanna get out there!

  11. Bob Cotter says:

    Good show!

  12. Oregon Bushcraft says:

    +Coyote Works Blowgun+paintballs=the silent killer. :D

  13. primalarcher says:

    Lol, that was pretty funny, when you started whistling like what the hell
    is that. I am glad you made it up though it was a lot fun.


  14. contactright07 says:

    Nice one buddy, reminded me of my army days, you almost had them, thanks
    for taking us along, atb Russ

  15. Paul DiDonato says:

    Cutting a “Bowel”, is that like pinching a loaf? Sorry I had to. Great vid
    as usual, I am using your EDLS as a like a model to get make gear
    organized. I like the way you do your system.

  16. groov14 says:

    Put the sneak right on em.

  17. Coyote Works says:
  18. TexasPrepper Tom says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  19. live4wild says:

    Thanks for sharing, Very neat camp. 

  20. Turtle Bushcraft says:

    Looked like a realy fun time very nice area atb john

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