Why I became VEGAN and how it changed my life.

My plant based journey includes beef burritos, years of junk food vegetarianism, killing and eating chickens in Borneo, all the way to being a vegan educator and building 30 lbs of muscle on…
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12 Responses

  1. Snowzwergal says:

    wow, I really really like your story. it’s very unique. thanks for sharing!
    am a vegan too:)

  2. Jacqueline Mordecai says:

    I so want to become a vegan. I’m all for the lifestyle…I just need help
    getting started. I went vegetarian for about 2 weeks and it felt awesome
    but I messed up and started eating meat again. Can you make a video about
    how to start cutting out meat and how to maintain a vegan diet in a world
    full of meat eaters? I need support…do you or any other vegans on this
    thread have an instagram? 

  3. Rawfruity says:

    So glad I found your channel. Thanks for the vegan story :)

  4. Banana Boy says:

    Great video!! Liked and subscribed!

  5. greenkeenreviews says:

    Incredible, powerful testimony. I am 53 and a near vegan, been slowly
    moving in that direction. I will take to heart what you have shared. Thank

  6. Croyden McCarthy says:

    awesome vid! And love the word Plantriotic :D

  7. Anna Nadia Bandura says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. I wish my family and friends went Vegan. 

  8. Jeroen1971GSXR says:

    How do you persuade friends and family to try the vegan way?

  9. angelbe88 says:

    wow. Thank you. I really needed to hear your testimony. I’m gong on 7 years
    and having concerns.

  10. tamcon72 says:

    Are you familiar with NutritionFacts.org? This was very interesting; it
    seems that the sin one eats is the sin one feels. Thanks for posting.

  11. Plant Riotic says:
  12. kenorsom says:

    Maggots only fly when they’ve been thrown dude.

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