Why Do Things Float? An Easy Lesson

For my “Why Do Things Float?” webpage: http://www.squidoo.com/why-do-things-float.

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25 Responses

  1. Emzilla Sheena says:
  2. Emmanuel Joseph says:

    isn’t it suppose to be mass=mass instead of weight=weight

  3. geroboan1 says:

    if you place the bowling bole in the ocean it will sinck

  4. iammenotyou x says:

    ouch. my brains blown a fuse
    So density of an object is irrelevant when it is just about sink or swim,
    as long as the surface area of the objects mass is less then the mass of
    the water body once the displacement has taken place,,?

    is there a couple of formula to translate?

  5. sultan hijazi says:

    wait….. weight is measured in newton not g so weight in the video= mass

  6. vigneshvar vicky says:

    thank u….sepdet13….good day…

  7. Tim Somerville says:

    28 people are sinking about it

  8. Ashkan Ahmadi says:

    what about surface tension? for example, it’s possible to stay afloat when
    i’m on my back and can’t stay afloat when i’m vertical.

  9. Diamondz Playz says:

    Yay i finally can get a freaking A in science

  10. sungleong says:

    thanks, this explanation is much clearer than my elementary, high school
    and university teachers’. To those who don’t get it, this video actually
    implies density. Yes, it talks about Volume and Weight(mass), it just
    doesn’t explicitly say the word density. I hated it when my teachers
    taught me objects float because they have lower density than water, but
    they never fucking explained why low density objects float on the higher
    density water. Teacher, take note, this is how to fucking teach a class.
    Don’t throw terminologies around when explaining a subject, use the most
    basic common sense with pictures to explain, not terminology!!

  11. zeebaysnk says:

    if you throw a bowling bowl in a swimming pool it will still sink, why

  12. jland904 says:

    Awesome video I never knew that thanks

  13. AeroNevin says:

    Very well explained, thank you :)

  14. Qeni Arbarhzerohrhoht says:

    No, heavy things don’t necessarily sink. *Dense* bodies sink! Ye can have a
    chunk of mass as heavy as ye wish, and still it will float on water if
    sparse enough.

  15. Carlos Hernandez says:

    Very good video, easy to understand. However, there is something wrong
    about it. The question ”Why do things float?” should be explained using
    DENSITY and not the MASS.

  16. Foday Sheriff says:

    your explanation and terminology are very misleading. i think you need to
    do your research very thoroughly before posting a video

  17. Jordan Howell says:

    This is stupid. Is it saying a 9 pound bowling ball would float because it
    weighs less than its volume in water???

  18. Gareth Benou says:

    Lol i used it for my Science Fair nice job Mom

  19. Meindert Buijsman says:

    THANKS i finally get it

  20. Marielle Laus says:
  21. qjxkqjkx says:

    Simple and clear. Thanks.

  22. Gareth Benou says:

    Why Do Things Float? An Easy Lesson

  23. M Alves says:

    20 people didn’t get it and sank. :-(

  24. Gareth Benou says:

    so its Why Do Things Float? An Easy Lesson

  25. Amanda McDivitt says:

    So helpful i am doing a project for science an i am sinking a marshmallow
    and i needed to do a research paper on why thing sink and float. Thanks so

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