Why did Government Shutdown?

An explanation of the government shutdown without the anti-conservative media bias. I do not own the rights to the video clips or pictures used in this video, nor do I generate profit or monetary…
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4 Responses

  1. America OurWay says:
  2. America OurWay says:

    Obama was NOT elected president because of Obamacare. He was elected
    president because he was a better politician than Romney. That much is
    painfully obvious. Over 800,000 people got a forced paid vacation. Geeh,
    how hard for them. House Republicans took fake votes 43 times. This
    shutdown forced them to take ACTUAL steps to defund/change Obamacare. On a
    scale of Dumbness, from Most Dumb to least Dumb, it goes

  3. America OurWay says:

    Agreed that the House should have donated their pay during the shutdown.
    Every Republican should have. Of course, Snap and Welfare was still funded,
    as were soldiers. 2 weeks PAID vacation for government employees. No sane
    person can feel sorry for them.

  4. 123jjvj says:

    Why was Obama elected President two times,mandate? Over 800,000 people out
    of work for two weeks, for what? House Republicans voted 43 times to repeal
    Obamacare, knowing that it couldn’t “really” be repealed. I don’t know
    which group of Republicans are dumber House Republicans or the tea baggers
    that voted for them. I always believed that the Tea baggers were against
    welfare, but I was wrong. they love the House Republicans doing nothing and
    getting pay for it.

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