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25 Responses

  1. SassyLittleFrassie says:


  2. Nicole Judah says:

    Dan, I have to ask this question. Does Lou dye his hair. Because his hair
    is gorgeous especially for his age and if he’s not I want what he’s having.

  3. VeganCyclist Ⓥ says:

    I can’t believe Lou is 63 years old. He looks like 35!

  4. Darlene DeCicco says:

    Hi guys,
    Can this be used safely for dogs?

  5. victoria arnstein says:

    How could anybody not like this video? lol..it’s amazing!!

  6. EPIC MUSIC WORLD (Martin) says:

    … a whole new level :)

  7. Shanna Allen says:

    Is Lou friends with Fred BIsci? I can’t even imagine the power if the two
    of them were together!!!!! 

  8. Carter Felder says:

    Dan, why don’t you care about the non-use of non-human animals? It’s
    completely immoral to use them for palate pleasure, amusement and
    convenience. You know we don’t need animal foods to thrive. So why not
    promote Veganism as the moral baseline?

  9. john smith says:

    @05:28 did he say hitting his wife?

  10. pedallin raw says:

    Tell you what not listened to Lou for a long while but he puts it
    good,great to listen too!

  11. Annaliesa Rose says:

    Interesting video!

  12. Nika Veganlover says:

    Amazing interview, Dan and Lou. I gotta get some of the enzymes, even
    though I don’t want to become dependent on them. But I want to try and see
    if I can feel the difference. Very grateful for all your work and service. 

  13. Sarah Wolfrom says:

    Thank you so much for this video… I keep feeling VERY pushed towards raw,
    but so held back… Thank you for giving me the courage to start… I’m
    doing this… Starting tomorrow! Love you guys <3 thank you thank you thank
    you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. boostuse says:

    I like to eat yams ,beets, squash ,zucchini, purple potatoes, and other
    things I can’t think of right now . How can you even eat some of these
    without cooking them ? They’re hard as rock so , I steam them ! Is Lou
    saying that steamed food depletes enzymes because it’s cooked ? The reason
    people find this so difficult is all the opinions, every video b 12 ,
    iodine , enzymes , they would need to stay in a lab to eat ! A lab with all
    the supplements they need , if this is really what were supposed to eat, it
    would have to be simple as 123 ! Adam , this is Eve , Eat from these trees

  15. Patricia Pérez says:

    I wish this video has subtitules to show my family in mexico. this is so
    interesting topic. thank you so much for share.

  16. Sabine Elisabeth - Plantbased in Austria says:

    Amazing! I had the same experience as a kid, i never wanted to eat the
    animals but did not know what else to do and when i first read about raw
    Foods something in me just began to sing….so this is where i have to be:
    where the singing is….

  17. Whole Future says:

    Lou just spittin’ pure fuckin’ WISDOM, love it!

  18. Erika Sanchez says:

    Yes! You guys are coming through beautifully. Thank you for sharing and
    inspiring me to not only grow spiritually but to also take care of myself
    physically also.

  19. Gina DiResta says:

    He does look sooooo young! 

  20. SuAn says:

    This title makes no sense. Being vegan doesn’t imply being raw. Should be
    “Why are all the RAW vegans going back to being COOLED vegans”–or
    something like that . . .

  21. Barbara Mowrey says:

    Not to get into politics since I have worked in that arena, but I loved
    this segment. Very interesting and very true. I am 63 years old and will be
    64 next month. And I have all the diseases that you speak of. I have been a
    vegetarian since 1980 that did not mean I did not eat donuts and food that
    was not good for me. And as a professional musician all my life I had to
    associate with various people of different likes and dislikes. But just
    wanted to say I love this show and I’m going to watch more because now I am
    a vegan since being bitten by a hobo spider and treating for six months as
    it is now a pimple. But now I have a mass of something growing in the
    artery of the palm of my hand that is going toward my third finger and the
    first thing my doctor said was that he may send me to a doctor who will
    give me a shot of enzymes to break it up and said to keep my hand straight
    out and not bend it up and I don’t know what that means. And in the same
    hand on the side I was bitten by the spider, I have a small hard cyst
    between my first and second fingers. So the spider bite did some nerve
    damage. I have fibromyalgia and I am also on insulin. And I weigh 125
    pounds at 5’5 tall. Because I have false teeth I must Blanche some of the
    vegetables that I eat but very difficult to eat tortillas and kidney beans
    but I do not cheat when I eat hoagies. They are entirely raw. But where do
    I get the bread? That is the difficult part. Right now I am eating
    sourdough hoagies. They have no gluten no GMOs and that is the best I can
    do and can’t even do that if I eat wheat. But my elimination has been much
    better as a vegan. Like the host stated. And I did live as the guest lived,
    in nature with my husband and children, but it cannot be done when children
    must be in school and know people. I loved homeschooling when I was on the
    road as a musician’ but it was very difficult in the woods. Thank you!!

  22. Doreen Dotan says:

    When Lou said when he first begins to speak that The Most High told him to
    forgive unconditionally in order to heal himself, I knew he is the real
    It’s only when we are willing to forgive without reservation that the
    secrets of The Body and Eternal Life and Redemption that are hidden in our
    subconscious and in the Bodily processes of which we are not normally aware
    are revealed to us.
    You may believe that there are wrongs so terrible that we cannot forgive
    because they cannot be undone and the damage is irreparable.
    When we are willing to take the last leap of faith and forgive those who
    have done the most terrible things, the gates of Understanding are opened
    before us.

  23. Constance Lovejoy says:

    A big problem for vegans is most fruits & vegetable are grown In soil
    containing animal manure. Most organic produce is grown in soil using
    animal manure.

  24. Finn Blu says:




    The best.

  25. MIche Miche says:

    Why the need for a Cooker & Microwave ? 

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