When the teacher bends over to help a student

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17 Responses

  1. BestVines says:
  2. Tommy A says:

    ermahghurd, black man scream is sooo funny. lol, not being racist though

  3. Shelly Anderson says:

    Trueeeeee LMAO

  4. skateboardrider100 says:

    if dat happens to me im doin dat

  5. I Am Hip Hop says:

    yes all the frikin time

  6. Snapshot Reflex says:


  7. Eddi-C. Goma says:


  8. goldnose2 says:

    you’re bullshit

  9. reff says:

    i hate that

  10. My Name's Headshot says:

    1. How original 2. I’m still alive

  11. solflp says:

    Full of crap / lol

  12. My Name's Headshot says:


  13. Pappa Guse says:

    It’s so fucking true xD >.<

  14. Eddi-C. Goma says:

    Touche Touche 😉

  15. My Name's Headshot says:


  16. goldnose2 says:

    I had a sexy female teacher in english class and when she did this to me no
    one was looking so I stuck my face between her ass cheeks and said “Oh I’m
    so so sorry! I didn’t see you there I was trying to get my pencil” and she
    said okay but knew I liked her so after class she said she knew why I did
    it and smiled and said “its okay this isn’t the first time a boy had a
    crush on me and did this”

  17. Eddi-C. Goma says:

    R.I.P headphone users

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