When Nature Calls in a Jet Fighter at 500 knots

When you have to really go…you need to go…and if you are in the cockpit of a fighter it isn’t pretty. This is audio from the cockpit of Sting 3, part of a flight of fighters setting up…
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24 Responses

  1. Jason Vercetti says:

    It’s certainly the german wurst he ate for lunch…

  2. deadboy600 says:

    New meaning to “letting your ordnance go”

  3. William Thornton says:

    Call Sign: “Poopie”! :)

  4. Brian Smith says:

    Pretty sure this was an F-16 that this incident occurred in. Quite sure

  5. V - Pony says:

    From Sting 3 to STINK 3

  6. mizzKarenbabii says:

    they should where diapers. and i don’t know what’s worst pooping yourself
    or sitting in it?

  7. Skip Karas says:

    This not unusual, Had a wingman do the same thing once. But he carried on.
    Gutted it out so to speak.

  8. mhandy207 says:

    Shit happens

  9. Dayna Torngren says:

    Who the heck is gonna clean up that crap? 

  10. Psycho9263 says:


  11. ToonandBBfan says:

    I bet they changed the pilots call sign after this
    (I bet the Navigator was so glad the F-4 had SEPERATE cockpits)

  12. Psycho9263 says:

    Call sign; “Stinky”

  13. Dayna Torngren says:

    Return return return!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!

  14. tenirpaslager says:

    how you get these audios lol

  15. DeathsA Promise says:

    That co pilot laughing was what made me lose it hahahaha

  16. swiftjeff says:

    Callsign more like Stink 2. lol

  17. rubbdraw says:


  18. Byron Henry says:

    Fuck the 10,000,000 dollar plane, id just eject from it. Pretend there was
    engine problems.

  19. Dayna Torngren says:

    Land that jet NOW!!!!!!! 

  20. Timothy Bonnett says:

    At the END…the pilot has no space to do the dooo…
    Yet has enough room to dismount a 5 point harness and moon the camera!.
    Lesson learned…have a great sense of humor……

  21. PrezPendejo says:

    So I’m all kinds of sympathetic but I’m wondering… how often does this

  22. Jack Connors says:


  23. Timothy Bonnett says:

    Thanks..I was searching for this…
    I feel bad for the guy. But it’s funny.
    With due respect…I heard heavy breathing…but no one gagged.
    I would have Ralphed….they didn’t..

  24. ricardo delgado says:

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