What’s the better job; McDonalds or Gamestop?

please respond in the comments! (video responses are nice too.) im 17 years old and i want to know for when i turn 18, if gamestop would be a better and more “chill” job for me.

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25 Responses

  1. Shane Fields says:

    My friend and I are getting ready to work or are thinking about working at
    gamestop, should we do it?

  2. Kaibo Xu says:

    haha good thing I live in sf where the minimum wage is 10.75 an hour

  3. TheunstoppableJOK3R says:

    U don’t have to be 18 to work at GameStop

  4. xRadicalAurax says:

    I got fired from McDonald’s for wiping my ass with one of the burger buns.
    What’s so wrong with that?

  5. JZPotter says:


  6. Darien Luther says:


  7. frogjelly2 says:

    a job is never what you think it is. and it’s never as easy as you would
    think. I just got a job at gamestop and it’s ALLOT harder than I thought.

  8. JJTheSoccerPlayer17 says:


  9. locant23 says:

    @thehound120 There i usaly other people there

  10. carp says:

    It doesn’t even matter if you work at the busiest gamestop on earth.
    McDonalds is absolutely terrible for a plethora of reasons.

  11. meh Gusta says:

    Gamestop do it for the AIDS job

  12. Troy Soukvilay says:


  13. Cokelover1365 says:

    your first job at 17? thats dumb

  14. Franky Chan says:

    @YouSoundBored OMG, for that shit they fired you, thanks ofr telling, now i
    want to work on gamestop of ebgames lol

  15. Matt Richards says:

    gamestop definitely, Mcds is some harsh ass low paying work, n they expect
    way too much from u for the pay, i work there, forever shorthanded, gettin
    griped at all day, n help never stays long, it blows

  16. helloimclaudio says:


  17. Hank Hill says:

    Both suck.

  18. hiro44744 says:

    gamestop but i heard they rip you off

  19. Jaelyn Jade says:

    Gamestop!! Duhhhh

  20. r1pster says:

    mcdonalds is hell but i would be bored as fuck at gamestop

  21. Wendy Blue says:

    mcdonalds would be much more entertaining

  22. doctorofgaming1 says:

    Hi in my opinion i think you should work at gamestop if you get piad
    more.The trick is there will be alot of damand at gamestop if a new game
    comes out like mw3.WARNING there may be prank calls and tricky stuff other
    than being a cahier.they could put you as dilivery guy or a box person.plus
    you are taking this from an 11 year old.

  23. EVOL SCAVENGER says:

    @Ikillurmomify lol AIDS, damn spell check did it again.

  24. evilificationable says:

    its easer to work there

  25. David Parker says:

    Gamestop! But retail is tough too. Have to stock shelves and learn about
    your products

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