What’s REALLY In Your Food and Why You Should Go Vegan (WARNING Graphic!)

so what, exactly, is in your food? how about crushed beetle fetuses? beaver anal glands? sound appetizing? we don’t always know what the ingredients in our food really are (nor how to pronounce…

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25 Responses

  1. Bite Size Vegan says:

    it is pretty gross, isn’t it, +Karen Castro?

  2. Dead Marco Bott says:

    I’ll go vegetarian but not vegan, I needs mai mulk

  3. RyMingTahn says:
  4. chapachuu says:

    If I wasn’t already vegan, this would have done it for me lol

  5. MattyPS says:

    Very interesting video, but, on a “technical” side, I think you are using
    too many pictures, it makes it a bit unpleasant to watch. I would select
    less images and make them last longer. Sorry for my English, hopefully
    that’s making sense.

  6. don't look at profile pic says:

    Yea the world can be pretty disgusting at time’s but im not going to stop
    eating meat i mean their are a lot worst thing that we keep in are everyday

  7. Lyric Vigil says:

    There has never been a good explanation given to me about what’s so bad
    about our food. But now I understand… and I feel a little nauseous.
    Definitely going to start changing my diet, thank you so much. 

  8. Jorge V says:

    Of course being vegan is bad and going to mcdonnalds, eating sweets,
    process food is right, we have to power that bloody industry and making
    them even more rich. It’s incredible how brain washed are some people, they
    just assume that the fact of our government allows the sales of these
    products guarantee they are safe or not disgusting in any way

  9. meghan noble says:

    Oh my god, what?!

  10. Cristina Basile says:

    I really love your videos (old and new). I have been vegan only 6 months
    now but I feel amazing. I don’t plan on ever going back to eating my animal
    friends. My vegan lifestyle is even starting to rub off on my family! My
    parents have started only eating meat once a week (I know, I know, but it’s
    a start) and eat very little other animal products throughout the week.
    Hopefully they will make the switch soon too :).

  11. Alina Garcia says:

    Damn sure is gross actually gross is an understatement

  12. nikos t says:

    nice vids!
    out of curiosity…
    Why do you have short hair?
    just bc you like it or are you having health problems?

  13. Lama-Jigme Gyatso says:

    Thank you for the laughter! I love your blend of humor, gross out, and
    rapid fire facts.

  14. giommaria satta says:

    you know these are only amerifats problem right? 

  15. Tina G. says:

    Damn girl! You know your shit! I’ll remember this video for people
    curious about veganism or GMO’s. Sounds like there is a LOT more to worry

  16. Upscent says:

    thank you for this video!

  17. heyhey itssasa says:

    Thank you soon much I have recently went full vegan and well I’m only in
    8th grade and my best friends makes tons on jokes and every one asked why
    and I can never explain properly I will now show them this but once again
    thank you so much!!

  18. Haley hale says:

    Thats it! Im going vegan!

  19. Nick R says:

    Last time I checked the oldest people in the world ate meat, so all that
    “poop” in our food can’t be that bad hey?

  20. Lilian Nerren says:

    Sharing this one, I can’t get tired of saying thank you thank you!! I hope
    one day all this will stop and animal abuse stop… 

  21. Lama-Jigme Gyatso says:
  22. LPempty says:

    I always wondered why food in America has almost no taste. 

  23. yerbond says:

    it must be so fun being your friend

  24. Klairee Berry says:

    Thank you!!!

  25. Emmalicourice says:

    You nailed the yuck factor! This is great :D

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