What’s On My iPhone 6 Plus?! | Chelsea Crockett

Since I didn’t end up doing a what I got for christmas video, I thought I would share the apps, editing for pictures, and random things on my new iPhone 6 plus! I’ve seen many reviews on this…
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16 Responses

  1. BeautyLiciousInsider says:

    Like this comment if you like bananas 

  2. Taylor Moments says:

    love the case!! I have a 6 plus too and I am still in love with it! 

  3. BeautyLiciousInsider says:
  4. Salma Attallah says:

    You’re soo pretty!

  5. lucía ☽ ☾ says:

    You are like the only youtuber who fill the description with important
    things like the name of the apps 

  6. woahalondra says:

    On the bottoms of your phone it has 4 dots meaning you had 4 pages with
    apps and you only showed 2 and you skipped a few apps. My point is I really
    wanted to see everything you had on your phone. Can you do an update video

  7. Lexi Lee says:

    do you recommend the 6 plus? can’t decide what to get! also, what did you
    use to record this video? thanks!:) xx

  8. Roxi Marie says:

    how the hell does she record her screen like that ? :O <3

  9. Kittysophia Villa says:

    Chelsea i love your photos on instagram

  10. MakeupwithmaddyXO says:

    how did you film your phone screen like that? 

  11. Arrowdessalove says:

    Ilysm Chelsea your so beautiful and down to earth. 

  12. girlactionproductions says:

    um i posted you on instagram two days ago when you said to take a pic of
    you and you said i dare you and i did i am rachieseggie on instagram

  13. Izabella Louise Sanchez says:

    my fave app is afterlight because it is BAE… 

  14. ItsmeSandra !! says:

    Please can you say where you bought your iPhone case because I did also get
    on for my birthday but I don’t have a case but I loke the one you have

  15. Hannah Rosen says:

    Instagram, Afterlight, Superimpose, Hill climb :)

  16. AG Loving says:

    I have you a question….why didn’t you showed Video Star?

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