What Your Handwriting Says About You

What Your Handwriting Says About You

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25 Responses

  1. Alice Slade says:

    What if you out x’s over your i’s ?

  2. Damion Locke says:

    What about when you’re like me and dont even dot your i’s? 0.o

  3. Anastasia Tsvetaeva says:

    I have the dot of ‘i’ on the extreme right. Don’t know what does it mean :)

  4. Kourtney Sweet says:

    i have cursive handwriting, what does that mean?

  5. Patch Adams says:

    Who slashes their i’s.

  6. Anna Hedinger says:

    Apparently I’m:
    well adjusted/adaptable
    confident/comfortable in my own skin
    verdict: -pretty accurate-
    what about you??

  7. Flower Wolf! says:

    I have rounded and connected hand writing!

  8. Hannah Emery says:

    This was so accurate! It’s probably not true for every one, but it’s pretty
    darn cool!

  9. Legionare Lets Plays says:

    Lines top or middle of ‘T’

    Doesn’t that just depend on weather it is capital or lower case

  10. Joey Neal says:

    Mine called me aggressive, intense, intelligent, and curious

  11. Susanna Mathew says:

    hey! check this video out , I found it kind of interesting. what were your

  12. Trash says:

    you never mentioned anything about writing in all caps so-
    and i alternate so o oo
    i i i i i

  13. Hybridmouse says:

    im the shy and imaginative and creative type. kewl.

  14. Anthea Li says:

    wow, I didn’t now this stuff about me…

  15. Stacey Chan says:

    +Leah Nathan +Katerina JK +Arushi Gupta +Emily Ilic I think we know what we
    all are 

  16. Jamar Fuhr says:

    Wrong. I put the dot perfectly, and I’m the exact opposite of organized

  17. Emmaline Spencer says:

    This video has taught me about how inconsistent my writing is. My style
    varies on my mood. 

  18. Carol lancho™ says:

    OMG my handwriting said I am creative, artistic, shy, imaginative and I
    don’t remember what else….. :P

  19. letylek says:

    I’m shy but confident which makes perfect sense to me because I am very
    confident but I’m not sometimes
    I don’t like crowds TRUE
    I’m artistic…
    I’m private SO TRUE
    And im introverted which is true also

  20. Vaishnavee Gopakumar says:

    wow awsome

  21. TiFFerzZehNiNjA says:

    i guess im all except the i with the circle dot >->

  22. Ka te says:

    I write really bad cursive say does that mean ?

  23. Blah Smith says:

    So apparently I’m logical, systematic and introverted who likes to be with
    people. The thing is my hand writing changes drastically over time. 

  24. Mr Shay says:

    I write like a doctor

  25. Chrismasterski says:

    I got the exact opposite of what i am….

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