What to Eat During Pregnancy: Healthy Breakfast Ideas

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7 Responses

  1. chinh nguyen says:

    ew, I can not swallow these

  2. Healthy Pregnancy Guides says:
  3. Dan Duran says:

    When did gos say not to eat pork and fish ? Lol
    U lost it buddy , 

  4. Triveni satyanarayana says:

    Great Information, thank you!

    I have almost ruined myself by dieting in order to reduce weight and my
    family was very worried, because i use to gain and loose weight abruptly.

    Luckily, I started using this “How To Eat” mobile app by lokesh which made
    me eat the right foods and in right way and using a game like points
    etc.and made it funny!
    now, i have reduce weight in a clean way.

  5. Dan Duran says:


  6. Blackestofblack says:

    my pregnant wife says fuck you

  7. mick jenkins says:

    I don’t know why women obsess on what to eat while your pregnant. Just
    don’t eat what god told you not to eat. Like pork, shell fish and whatever
    else he said don’t eat. Women and men don’t create the child it’s god you
    silly women. So stop obsessing. God is creating the miracle you are just
    the vessel. Be grateful but stop obsessing. Don’t drink alcohol or smoke
    but I always hear women saying stupid stuff like mango is bad ect. People
    think they are the ones creating the child your not it’s god. Just help
    each other through it. Stop thinking your perfect diet is doing anything.

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