What people think I do. What I really do…

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25 Responses

  1. xoOffWithHerHead says:

    Did anyone else have a near heart attack when Jimmy was holding a glass of
    red wine over her white breeches and saddle pad?

  2. TheNativeHorses says:

    ahah the cantering bareback and arms out is such a youtuber thing! this is
    so accurate! 

  3. Catherine Barr says:

    This will forever be my favourite video ever :’) 

  4. cantertothemoon says:

    That was so painful to watch that money burn 

  5. angelswave88 says:

    Thank you for setting an example and wearing your helmet during the
    bareback in a dress part. So many people would have taken it off.
    The wine drinking part was hilarious by the way!

  6. Evention TV says:
  7. animallover13456 says:

    So true! People that DONT own horses, and dont know one thing about them
    think its a, ‘rich’ person sport. FALSE. I know many storys, and horses who
    became famous where their owners were poor. So, its also for people with
    little money too ;). We dont have a LOT of money, but we can afford a horse
    decently. I know this because I had a horse, but now he gone :'(

  8. Brices Mice says:

    OMGOSH….. this is sooooooooooooooo true and amazing !!!

  9. Joanna Mnich says:

    Ahaha da vedere!

  10. Caitlan Lewis says:

    Nooooooooooooooooo don’t bur n the money

  11. nikoleta Krumz says:

    im parents think thats me… what i think i do and what i am actually
    doing… Lol

  12. Emily King says:

    YAS! +Simply Meagan 

  13. Reinhold Pecher EL SUENO Dreamsaddles says:

    I found this funny, tell me what you feel about this video

  14. Jess M says:

    I would be the girl who ran up to Jimmie if I ever saw her

  15. Caitlan Lewis says:

    Shoes and socks man

  16. xLeapToTheSkyx says:

    The horse is just like ” Wtf are you doing”

  17. Mary Doyle says:

    That is Amazin bear back ridin ………… 

  18. ehorses says:

    uhm ja….

  19. Nikki B says:

    Haha, I knew the what I really do part was cleaning up after the horse. XD

  20. CheshireKitten90 says:

    1:13 is best XD “Good Lord I’m rich!”

  21. Katie Pender says:

    2:06 you see that now that my friends is a professional poop scoop 

  22. Annie Keller says:
  23. Soleika Sowhat says:

    This is so funny and so true ;-)

  24. HorseClicks says:

    What people think i do…what I really do. Now in video!

  25. Luna Equestrian says:

    I ride side saddle, so everyone thinks I go on fox hunting in a dress,
    reality? I’m walking around a sand ring talking to him like some idiot. Or
    braiding his hair.

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