What Mark Zuckerberg and Beyoncé Can Teach You About Getting Attention, with Ben Parr

Ben Parr, author of the new book Captivology, explains how certain celebrities like Beyoncé, Mark Zuckerberg, and Tom Hanks are able to reach a higher echelon of fame by mastering an assortment…
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25 Responses

  1. adamlax27 says:

    “In my book” seems to be a common phrase/theme in these videos now

  2. Jesse Burnes says:

    What is this…. come on big think this is dumb :/ 

  3. Apemanwithcalculator says:

    Wow this channel has changed a lot

  4. Ed Pepa says:

    where are bill nye, michio kaku, the people that made me subscribe on this

  5. benblue3 says:

    Mark Zuckerburg? More like Mark Fuckerburg. 

  6. javier portillo says:

    I agree with the earlier posts that this channel has changed alot.and not
    for the best. No more bill nye and more intellectuals… whats next Justin
    Bieber and Myley Cyrus?

  7. georgyorgy2 says:

    Oh, look… a guy who fails to captivate me on informing me on how to
    Where’s Bill Nye, Neil DeGrasse and Michio Kaku??

  8. Sami Hanish says:

    2 words: Idol Worship
    I’m glad I’ve never had this mental disorder. More talk about the future of
    medicine/science/space exploration and less of this junk please !

  9. Hugh Jarce says:

    well at least there was no sexism.

  10. Travon Prince says:

    OMG WE ARE NOT CALLED THE BAYHIVE. Beyhive is pronounced Beehive. Bey is in
    Beyonce. Bey sounds like bee.

  11. Ed Fear says:

    This was the worst video in this series by a good bit. Hard to speak for
    four minutes in a Big Think video without saying a single thing that isn’t
    completely obvious, but he got there.

  12. Vijay Rajanna says:

    What Mark Zuckerberg and Beyoncé Can Teach You About Getting Attention,
    …: https://youtu.be/45MHeGFYXCk

  13. gex says:

    Why I don’t give a shit about both of them? 

  14. 64adamw64 says:

    For the people who don’t quite understand the reasoning behind the video:
    it’s explaining the psychology behind why people buy into
    ideas/people/items/brands. This is known as psycho-graphics (it is usually
    combined with demographic research for marketing) and plays a major role in
    advertising. If Beyonce, Mark Zuckerberg, or any global company fail to
    align their product with their target audience perceived wants or needs,
    then it is going to fail. Ben has just simplified it into Layman’s terms to
    appeal to a wider audience.

  15. JuliusGeezer says:

    the viewers of this video need to realize: he wasn’t saying that its a good
    thing that celebrities have people’s attention, he was saying HOW they did
    it. If you don’t pay attention to why more people care about beyonce than
    more important things then we will never be able to attract people’s
    interest to what is really important and they will always waste time caring
    about celebrities.

  16. MrDindjemek says:

    Big think? …….really?….” Nice and pretty people get more likes and
    we are social creatures” -Ben Parr.

  17. Victor Trejo says:

    Captain Hindsight! 

  18. fyimediaworld says:

    Perhaps, Big Think, in the future, only interview people who have things to
    say that are beyond the obvious. How does that sound?

  19. cromagnon01 says:

    This channel started in greatness…
    Now… Well, I’m not so sure anymore ><;

  20. Lilian S says:

    There is absolutely nothing Beyonce can teach me.

  21. OmniphonProductions says:

    When I think of Beyoncé…well… She’s probably a very nice person, and I
    can’t deny her vocal talent; however, like so many in the Music
    Industry, her Captivation Trigger has little to do with music. As for
    finding validation on Facebook, it’s dangerous because the number of Likes
    a SHARED post receives has far less meaning that the number of Likes
    ORIGINAL THOUGHT receives. The internet has demonstrated itself to be a
    very effective builder of falsely inflated self-esteem. (Yes I realize the
    potential irony in posting such a statement in an open forum.)

  22. MrBumbo90 says:

    Beyonce is a novality artist with a lot of money to afford hiring good
    marketing firms.

  23. Jeremiah McDonnell says:

    The bit about Tom Hanks and not over exposing yourself, about only coming
    out of the shadows when you have a cause to promote should be carved in
    stone somewhere. Possibly beneath a statue of Tom Hanks so the world won’t
    ignore it; because there is nothing which annoys me more than the non-stop
    flood of self-promoters pushing their personal brands. It gets tedious
    people, really it does.

  24. Luey Vivant says:

    Cmon now. It’s known that Beyonce has an alter ego, demon possession that
    takes place to grant her heightened presence and strengthened talents.
    Don’t know about Zuckerberg tho. Many times it’s not worth the captivity.
    Just be happy with what we have. Attention isn’t what we are fundamentally

  25. Vislav says:

    Beyonce doesn’t attract my attention, she’s generic. Just as her music is.

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