What is Your True Nature?

I received a question in regards to what is our true nature, so I decided to make a vlog about it. If you have any questions, comments, or insights feel free to leave them here. 3 Steps to…
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3 Responses

  1. Devorn CauserHost says:

    very insightful video and comments. I’m so happy to see souls waking up to
    our true nature as god.

  2. The Power With.in says:

    Thank you. I just want you to give some attention, Who is the One liking
    the Silence even? What I notice, you say For me, in silence… Notice the
    Me who is in silence, to Who the thoughts are coming/going? Eventually at
    the end even no concepts, ideas, nothingness, formlessness is still
    perceived, together with breathing. Attention is still on perceived, on
    more subtle perception though. But notice the one Who is still perceiving
    even that. Soon I will release video about self-inquiry :]

  3. Robert Lovin says:

    Straight to the core. I like silence, and in that silence with stillness, I
    start recognizing things that are not me, and used to identify with them.
    For me, in silence is nothing but the thoughts that are coming and going,
    and from some point they are can’t disturb me anymore. Beyond that point I
    can’t see any concepts, ideas, there is nothing, formless, hmm actually
    only the breathing some time. Thank you Rimvi!

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