What is Water Fluoridation? Is it Safe? Health Side Effects? Fluoride Facts by Austin Dentist

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25 Responses

  1. binocular bard says:

    want to remove all the fluoride from your water? look up black mica 

  2. MsVip2010 says:

    nwo= new world order = they are poisoning us through everything to further
    be able to control everyone and everything completely they want over half
    the world population gone, as michael jackson said- they dont really care
    about us!

  3. callouschristian says:

    Fluoride messes with IQs. “We” must not include american children because
    they rank lowest in math and science and this is a change of the last 20
    years or so. I would guess a majority of people can not read effectively in
    america. Many of them can not even form the structure of common names well
    enough to pronounce them correctly when read. Or maybe the problem is poor
    vision because they are denied access to healthcare…Hmmmm…..

  4. breakingthisdown says:

    Hm. I’ve watched this twice already and didn’t find it to be very
    informative. Maybe I’m just uber distracted. Will give it another go.

  5. pepersorte says:

    The people near me are all like sombies, now I know why, it’s the floride
    in the water. How the hell are they ever going to stand up and complain
    they had hardly any brain cells when we first started to drink the stuff
    let alone now we have had it for many years. No thay are passifyed well and

  6. Jim Reed says:

    I would like to know if distilling water removes fluoride.

  7. NYCrazyRob says:

    Ok, it’s working for me now. It just didn’t want to work for me yesterday
    for some reason. All is well now though. 🙂

  8. 6Matt7 says:

    Boiling Water Might Still Gonna Make It Worse Flouride Is Ones Of The
    Major. Stupid Slow Retarded Or Dumb Down IQ Everyone On Planted Earth, Sad
    & They Still Getting Away Of It We Had To Do Something About It Yall
    Understand People We All Have to Pinch in to help to take down Corruption
    DONT BE Afraid

  9. pepersorte says:

    Thanks for vid

  10. Gaston Courchesne says:

    Is booiling water from the fawcet a good thing to get rid of the
    fluoration. Good topic; let us hope the authorities listen and react for
    the welfare of the society. The cost also would be much less as all the
    treatments due to water fluoration is much more …

  11. tERtasdf says:

    i think it does. there are products that can remove up to 90% of the

  12. pepersorte says:

    So this shit floride is like lead. accumulative.

  13. AndySpeak1 says:

    This whole thing comes across as a systematic poisoning of your citizens.
    Why continue to do it if it’s only damaging? Outdated notions?

  14. callouschristian says:

    This is such blatant genocide that I am suspicious of anyone who suddenly
    comes out against it as if they haven’t known it all these years. Three
    years ago NO one believed fluoride in the water was bad. Now it is common
    knowledge. It would still be a secret if someone didn’t mention it on the
    internet. Now all these “well meaning souls” seem to be covering some
    poorly hidden tracks.

  15. MsVip2010 says:

    yes! none of filters you can buy will remove it, because the goovt wants us
    to be poisoned like that!

  16. Samuel Denman says:

    3rd time this has been uploaded.

  17. skb0rzn says:

    I love you all for this awesome channel. I have been a member for a long
    while now and so very much enjoy and learn from your videos. THANK YOU.

  18. swirlcrop says:

    Good talk.

  19. exaurius says:

    I drink suntan lotion to help protect my skin. I also drink hyodrogen
    peroxide to clean my wounds and drink eyedrops to help my eyes.

  20. MsVip2010 says:

    great point! spread the knowledge

  21. PsycheTruth says:

    All the videos are working fine in our browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox), hope
    this issue resolves for you, sorry about that!

  22. justicegirl1028 says:

    Ah… the dead horse returns!

  23. Internalthorn says:

    my tooth hurts 🙁

  24. LizardKillerAdamLanza says:

    am on osmosis jones ..dam

  25. david clark says:

    Thanks again Corrina. xxx

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