What Is The True Nature of ALL DISEASE!

This video helps shed light on how we can stop disease in its tracks, no matter what society calls it. My website is http://www.theblackberrybeauty.com.

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25 Responses

  1. Mekesha P. W. says:

    Once again thank you…you are reconfirming my notions on the benefits of
    incorporating an abundance of raw foods in my diet. It isn’t happening over
    night but slowly I am taking certain foods out of my diet. You also
    mentioned the science behind your methods which I love. I have always known
    there was something wrong with a lot of commercial foods but I couldn’t put
    my finger on it. It is so sad that the foods that my great grandparents
    grew up on in the farms of the south cost so much now.

  2. Bakare Ptahnutamun says:

    Just curious …

  3. MegaFaith25 says:

    I hope your thinking about planning a healing retreat I would come for some
    reason I feel like a few days around your Spirit would well worth it.

  4. KnowForeverEvolving says:

    Powerfully true. I appreciate your videos Queen they are amazing and highly

  5. multicoloredlover says:

    most definitely used the chi to clear out the pain in my breast. Felt the
    energy exchange and it worked like magic. It was a natural idea for me at
    the time. Haven’t heard anyone speak on it so that’s great.

  6. SunMoonStarRah says:

    blessed be to you once more, iv always had extra concern of the cologn and
    the bowls as the early egytians did… and indians.. dis eas is a factor
    that has burdaned civilizations for millinia… change is now…. I ador
    the outdoors widows open plenty of herbs in the air… this vid is grade A

  7. MegaFaith25 says:

    So I went on a trip for a week I had fun I was off my regular diet which is
    mostly healthy stuff on vacation. I eat a lot of fried foods and when I
    came back home I had acne on face like no other and the crazy part I knew
    this was going to happen when I was eating all that crap to think a colonic
    will help with my skin

  8. TheAtalyah says:

    Please do a video which displays your daily meals. I’ve began my vegan
    journey and do three days raw. You are really taking me higher. You are an
    example of someone that nourished the temple. I appreciate your sacredness.
    What do you dress your salads with?

  9. cylane06 says:

    Source of all sickness……mucous. Cut meat,dairy,soy. Eat food.that comes
    from the earth. No starch.or blood. Dr. Sebi enlightened me of this. Nubia
    you are on the right path.

  10. blackrraine says:

    thank you for this

  11. Quantte Hightower says:

    Thank You, that was so interesting. I have to watch this video one more
    time. Be Bless, Quantte Hightower.

  12. TiffanySP1 says:

    Wonderful video! Thank You

  13. Imani Allen says:

    this information is fiyyyyaaaahhh Sis!

  14. blackrraine says:

    even if its not a strong smell like vaginosis and yeast? Is discharge
    natural or unnatural. The doctor says that it is but natural books say that
    it isn’t natural

  15. iwasborntobefly says:

    i do agree with lots of disease starting in the colon.

  16. Lisa3679 says:

    I am glad that it worked to relieve your pain. How did you do it and how
    long did it take? I am also looking for information about healthier breasts
    that does not include surgery or toxic pharmaceuticals.

  17. iwasborntobefly says:

    no. your va jay jay shouldn’t smell. smells can be an indication of an
    infection – yeast, vaginosis, etc. you need to see a doctor/nurse prac and
    get a gyno exam.

  18. Jenny Thomas says:

    Love this video! we should consume more food that is alkaline to balance
    the acid in our body.disease love acid body,but disease cannot live in a
    alkaline body and chlorella is a great food to detox the body and Alkaline
    water along with alkaline food.Thank you

  19. Bakare Ptahnutamun says:

    Nubia u r so beautiful in and out Sis. How tall r u, may I ask? Htp

  20. blackrraine says:

    Heal Thyself says that discharge is not natural.

  21. tanaya cheekz says:

    hi sister wow never knew that certain things cause odor love the videos
    peace and blessings

  22. blackrraine says:

    Is the vagina supposed to have an odor. Queen Afua says its not. I wanted a
    2nd opinion

  23. iwasborntobefly says:

    discharge is very natural. what natural book says discharge isn’t natural?
    that’s nonsense. now, certain kinds of discharge is related to infection –
    cottage cheese, running, etc. and, that can be “unnatural.” some women have
    more discharge than others though.

  24. blackrraine says:

    You don’t have to say sorry, it’s not my book. thanks

  25. sa28mo says:

    Hi I live in Grenada and when I was pregnant and old lady told me the same
    thing about ockra. she said that the baby would slide out.. I thought it
    was an old wives tale.

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