What is the Slow Food Movement?

University of Maine Cooperative Extension discusses connection between growing food and health.
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    People how many of you work or make something for achieve the objectives of
    the slow food movement 

  2. kushal permal says:

    Definitely a great idea, getting a basics right! Self sustaining methods
    where the whole community benefits

  3. Gabriella W says:

    Very good video!

  4. Hortus Aprodiscae says:

    Des de l’Universitat de Maine ens expliquen què es això del moviment “Slow
    Food” http://ow.ly/ovlea

  5. Johan Beaurain says:

    ‘Slow Down and Be Nourished

    Slow Food is an idea, a way of living and a way of eating. This movement
    heralds the production of sustainable foods and the promotion of local
    small businesses. They are naturally against the globalization of
    agricultural products.

    It’s about reintroducing consciousness to our food culture, to rebuild what
    has been disconnected in our mad rush for convenience and cheap prices. We
    can heal society by eating real food again. The more food we can grow
    ourselves, the better, and if not then we heal and contribute to a positive
    loop by supporting those who do.

    In this video John Jemison, extension professor at the University of Maine
    explains how the Slow Food Movement believes that reconnecting to food
    creates a synergistic loop of positive outcomes, from our individual health
    to the health of society in general.

    Food can heal us, food can bring families together, food can unite

    Let’s slow down!’ – Bibi Farber

    For more information, visit: http://www.slowfoodusa.org

    This video was produced by The University of Maine

  6. Ceckis says:

    beautiful…though unrealistic for 3rd world countries that can’t afford to
    pay MORE for the food they need

  7. Jamesa Brown says:

    How so? (looking for an explanation, not an argument)

  8. ALMUCRU says:

    I am going to introduce slow food in my life.

  9. Mary Starr says:

    thank you for this great video…it would also be great to add another very
    important aspect to the list of reasons why this movement is becoming such
    a relevant movement and it is that of JUST for the other Earth inhabitans:
    the ANIMALS, not just for the farmers…so the COMPASSIONATE reason is also
    worthy to add to your list of great reasons why SLOW FOOD movement is the
    right path for the entire world…last but not least, the PLANETARY
    ENVIRONMENT healing aspect. Thank you!

  10. lord pepperoni says:

    i like mcdonalds

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