“What Is the Nature of Sin?”

Sermon preached by Roger Leonard at the church of Christ in Bowdon, GA, Nov. 3, 2013 I mistakenly said that Abner killed Absalom, but it was Joab. (2 Sam, 18:14) The Nature of Sin By Roger…

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  1. Justin says:

    Great research. Only thing that bugs me is that no one tries to relate
    properly the nature of sin in our present/modern societies. I have studied
    certain scriptures of the bible (admittedly not all in every detail) and I
    have observed life through my experience of it, and have concluded that
    scriptures are true. I have also concluded that, just as in Jesus’ day, and
    just as he and his followers warned, the scriptures are being
    misunderstood, misrepresented, and used to teach falseness by virtually
    everyone. It’s difficult to define sin from these confusions so I would
    like to share what I have found about its true nature in this little short
    story. This story is biblical, although modernized, and true. Understand
    A Politician, a Scientist, a Businessman, and a Clergyman were all friends
    with each other.
    One day, they all saw many rusty and run-down neighborhoods filled with all
    kinds of homelessness and poverty: the angry people, the sick people, the
    ignorant people, and the hungry people; most of which will lose what little
    they do have should they even miss a single paycheck or two.
    The four were amazed at this, and so they all wondered why and how these
    people could do this to themselves and live this way; in such a depressed
    lifestyle without any kind of future security.
    The politician said, “They must not be ambitious”
    The scientist said, “They must not be educated.”
    The businessman said, “They must be lazy.”
    And the Clergyman said, “They must not know God.”
    And so, as they all wondered about this, a man was walking past on the
    side-walk, and so they decided to ask him, “Hey fellow, what’s with all of
    this poverty? Don’t you know that you don’t have to live this way? Why are
    you doing this to yourselves?”
    The man replied with a confused look on his face, “What do you mean? We
    didn’t do this. You did.”
    Then the man added, “But since we have done all that you have required of
    us, soon we’ll get to share in the kind of wealth and abundance which you
    possess, putting an end to this poverty…right?”

    Thank you for reading

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