What is Food — part 1 of 2

http://www.TanglewoodWellnessCenter.com In this full-length lecture, Loren discusses what constitutes real food for the human body and provides guidelines so that we can always know whether…

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25 Responses

  1. Emily BH says:

    Come on Loren. I love your videos and I think you make a lot of sense
    generally speaking but I draw the line with this video. Your
    toxic/non-toxic analogy is a little too simplistic. Eating too much of most
    things will cause a reaction.

    Why would Nature bother growing medicinal herbs if they were supposed to
    be ignored? Medicinal herbs aren’t supposed to be consumed in large
    quantities but if they are they are likely with a few exceptions to just
    stimulate some detox reactions. Some animals DO know what medicinal herbs
    to eat when they are sick and they DON’T eat them as a meal.

    Dandelion for example is medicinal and healthful. It is a prebiotic herb.
    It creates friendly digestive flora in the digestive tract also helps to
    stimulate the kidneys to excrete cellular wastes.

    If you were bitten by a poisonous snake while hiking, and were standing
    near some plantain leaf. Would you just leave it alone and start a water
    fast and see if your body would heal itself? I think if you knew something
    about herbs you’d rather take the plaintain, chew it into a pulp and
    immediately apply it to your bite so that the venom could be absorbed out
    of your body. Or if you had a heart attack and someone offered you Cayenne
    Pepper in a glass of water, would you reject that also? If you took it
    you’d find in a short while the heart attack would be over. It can stop
    profuse bleeding as well. Can water fasting do that?

    Dr. Robert Morse, Dr John Christopher, Dr Linda Page and many many others
    point out, that medicinal herbs are food just like fruit. They are whole
    foods created by Nature.Their properties can be very beneficial in aiding
    the body in healing—along with fasting.
    Unlike drugs or isolate food supplements, whole herbs are fully recognized
    and utilized by the body and what can’t be used is eliminated.

    You might even find if you ate the fruit such as berries and took some of
    the herbs that work on the upper body and head, that your hair would grow
    back and return to it’s original color. I’m older than you and I’m noticing
    my hair color that started turning when I was 19 is changing back. Whole
    herbs are another natural modality just like fasting.

    Where toxic drugs come from is the result of when the Allopathic Western
    Medical establishment dissects them and forms isolates from the whole
    herb. By doing so they have upset the perfect balance and created a
    stimulant that the body can’t recognize or fully utilize and with every
    action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Whereas, the body CAN
    recognize and is NOT harmed by the WHOLE medicinal herb.

  2. Dave Jones says:

    It’s a shame the govmnt is the way it is…corupt. They have all the
    boffins that actually know what going on in life. They invest all their
    money in the food industries and phamacutical companies. The working
    classes are brainfeed and brainwashed through the TV Media. Tip: whaen an
    advert comes on tv pause the voulme and look away. Turn off radio stations
    that constantly throw adverts at you all. Undo all this brainwashing &
    conditioning. Live your life.

  3. Kevin Marcus13 ™ says:

    This is very enlightening . But with enlightenment comes loneliness . I
    can’t consider myself vegan . Because vegans eat tofu and soy. I don’t .
    Hard to live in america when sushi, coke, fire cooking, and pizza rolls are
    considered a luxury rather than poison . 

  4. karthik babu says:

    hello Mr.Loren Lockman, how are you,My name is karthik, i have lot of
    Lipoma in my body last 6,7 years,Every one growing very fast on my body,
    please give me a solution for this Lipoma, Because its all big one,I am
    waiting for ur reply

  5. Nate Schneider says:

    Thank you for the deep and illuminating perspective on natural eating! I do
    think that if chimpanzees could make pizza they would be doing it for
    sure;-) But they can’t!

  6. Paul Nixon says:

    Wow, I had no idea that onions, garlic and herbs are toxic. You also say
    root vegetables are hard to digest, does this include carrots? Thanks for
    posting this information on youtube Loren for their is much misleading
    information on the internet.

  7. Ray Sims says:

    If every thing is toxic then I might as well just go Breatharian. Yeah just
    water and air.

  8. BNotAffraid says:

    Wow, this is one of those informative talks with which I have a love/hate
    relationship…loving the information and what it can do for our health,
    but hating the reality of the total crap diet that I will have to leave
    behind if I want to be truly healthy. I do take a lot of supplements, but
    one of which I recently discovered are systemic enzymes… do you have an
    opinion about products such as Wobenzym or Vitalzym? Thank You

  9. Ray Sims says:

    Coffee is one of natures most nearly perfect foods! Why are you dissing it?

  10. Phraseghost Publishing, LLC says:

    thank you for the excellent explanation of the cyclical process of the body
    sending nutrition calls to the brain and then only taking in calories with
    no nutrients, hence perpetuating the cycle of obesity and carvings – you’re
    an effective teacher, Loren

  11. Mickey Bauer says:

    Pooffff…i quit smoking two years ago, quit soda and all of the packaged
    foods and i thought i was eating healthy hahaha. No wonder i’m not getting
    any better.

    I think i’m gonna do a short water fast and then eat bananas and organic
    burito for the rest of my life =)

  12. Marina Grubic says:

    I watch this video over every once in a while. Thank you for this great
    info. I just remembered that some people say that garlics and onions kill
    exclusively bad bacteria and leave good ones. My guess is that your answer
    to this is that, if I recall well, “there is no good and bad bacteria, just
    like there is no good and bad children, just children”… 🙂 Anyway, I
    would like not to guess, but to hear your answer. Thanks! 

  13. Ally Real W. says:

    After I listen to this lecture I am surprise to be alive. I am veggie and
    fruit lover but I’ve been drinking beer and using salt every day for a long
    time. I am still not sure I understood correctly would you please give me
    an example of what and how should I eat? Thanks!

  14. o00oZu1o00o says:

    Many never-heard before and thought-provoking ideas. A must-see vid!

  15. Ouija Bird says:

    absolutely stunning video. what clarity. thank you 

  16. Pablo Henin says:

    Thanks for making this video!

  17. Blonleyluv says:

    When I was a child, I hated mixing my meals. But my mom always taught me
    that I have to mix my rice with beans for a better nutrition. Now I
    understand why. We were not born with these bad habits but actually learned

  18. taki tam tam says:

    Great video, thank you
    , Greetings from Poland

  19. Anqwa says:

    About drugs. What about the ones that loosens up your muscles. Reliving
    spasms, etc.

  20. Efrain Soto says:

    Are you kundalini awakened ?

  21. Lacey C says:

    Yes! I love you :)

  22. rohit sharma says:

    Question: Avoiding totally all the toxic food in current environment –
    doesn’t that will us more prone to sickness/diseases and lower our
    immunity; unless we live in isolated world where we do not have to interact
    with any other social being. Its like lets go back in 5000 BC and follow
    Hinduism/Jainism’s food culture while living 2014 World. Its not hard – its
    very very very hard I am guessing. Please answer and suggest!

  23. Pepe Sxm says:
  24. Aranka Shkolnikov says:

    Dear Loren, I am loving my time with your lectures! I feel so blessed, and
    grateful for sharing your wisdom and humour.
    Could you please talk about your early years of fasting yourself. How were
    your first fasts? I remember you mentioned Arnold Ehret’s book. How was
    your cleansing? Was/were there any helpers on your fasting journey? Thank

  25. Greg Santollo says:

    this a Great Lecture Loren I really enjoy listening to you, ( I should note
    that is a short list). Hope to make it to your wellness center one day 

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