What I ate to lose 70 Pounds!!! | My Breakfast, Lunch & Snack Food Options

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25 Responses

  1. Iprokris Glover says:

    I love your voice

  2. Raul Quintanilla says:

    love the hood milk, lol must say you look great!! way to stick out
    your weight loss, most people would of givin up way to go much props

  3. NAIA Music says:

    I honestly had no idea that eating healthy could be so delicious and not
    boring! After looking at fitblrs and and websites on eating healthy and
    exercising, you’re the only person that’s truly inspired me. Thank you and
    good luck <3 :D

  4. kennedybrianna3 says:

    I love your hair!!

  5. KinkyLiciouse says:

    i would love to see how u make the soups with spinach :)

  6. TAShun Koncepts says:

    love ur meal plan.

  7. Jessica Bond says:

    Where on earth do you buy that peanut butter!

  8. thelmarrie says:

    They have the omelet maker at Walmart for 5.97.After seeing you video I was
    inspired to get me one to take to work.

  9. lovely love says:

    I eat like this already but now I have some new foods to try!! Thanks!!!

  10. Ash Jackson says:

    PB2 is soo good!!!!

  11. Sandy r says:

    Love ur hair ! And your so gorgeous !

  12. Vincent Torres says:

    You look just like Azealia banks! 

  13. Young Hye says:

    Very helpful. Thank you 

  14. browne1986 says:

    This was amazing and very helpful

  15. crystala917 says:

    Wow!!! Everything looks delicious!!! I’m gonna have to try that PB2!!! Some
    of my friends had already told me about it, but I haven’t tried it yet.
    Girl, everything made my mouth salivate!!! Gonna have to try them all!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!! Love it!!! :-)

  16. anoviastar says:

    Omgosh I love your voice!

  17. Rae M says:

    Omg Im going to have to subscribe! I need more weight loss food ideas like
    this! Thank you! #newsubbie

  18. wiseland23 says:

    loved your video, thanks so much.

  19. Delfino Garcia says:

    I love her voice !!! ツ

  20. bjbrownbob says:

    OMG powdered peanut butter thank you so much for introducing this to me I
    absolutely love, love peanut butter! You rock!

  21. Tiffaney Ray says:

    Do some Salmon

  22. PRETTYGANGG says:

    Love this video. Very detailed. Motivated me to get started! 

  23. Ashley Marie says:

    That omelet container is amazing! Thanks for the suggestion!

  24. nursenfaith says:

    You are amazing

  25. ViewerLauren says:

    you are my biggest inspiration!!! I have lost 90 lbs before and i’ve gained
    all back than some by listening to people and hard times. Attempting to
    lose weight again!!! That PB2 PB will change my snacking life!!!!!

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