What Are The Best Breakfast Foods For Weight Loss, Blood Sugar Health and Brain Energy

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25 Responses

  1. Thensolomonsaid says:

    You are all wrong.The best breakfast by far is a bottle of wine.

  2. ExploreLife2012 says:

    I believe the disclaimer sums up your vids, not medical, not professional.
    You just mis-used 2 minutes to say, eat a protein breakfast. And why, if
    you have the same goals for all your meals, wouldn’t you also eat similar
    foods for the other two? To continue with the disclaimer, his talking
    (because it cannot be advice or even opinion) should not be used by anyone.

  3. Mary Holmes says:

    What Are The Best Breakfast Foods For Weight Loss, Blood Sugar Health
    an…: http://youtu.be/sv3g9Pjfweo

  4. Manuel O. Garcia says:

    I thought you were against peanut butter? Since peanuts are not really a
    nut but a legume.

  5. Eric Berg says:
  6. Brian Schwartz says:

    He’s like the gay version of the Governor from The Walking Dead.

  7. Angie6694 says:

    So I’m insulin resistant from PCOS and recently started eating low carb
    (about a week and a half ago) and have struggled with breakfast so far.
    I’ve always hated breakfast foods. Things like eggs, bacon, sausage,
    pancakes, waffles. Pretty much you name it and it’s breakfast, I for some
    reason have always hated it. Can I just eat what I normally would for
    lunch? That’s what I’ve done my whole life, now it’s just low carb.

  8. Jonathan Thompson says:

    eat eggs spinach kale for breakfast. what about oats? don’t like oats
    although supposed to be healthy for diabetes and the heart.

  9. HighCarb Schwabe says:

    Best weight loss breakfast: 1 l water, 2.5 kg watermelon, 1 kg banana ice
    cream with 200g dates. No cravings after that, guaranteed 😉 Also cures
    type 2 diabetes, see e.g. ‘BestTransformation’ on YouTube. For extreme
    weight loss exercise 2-3 hours per day.


  10. Daisy Peralta says:
  11. A/C Systems says:

    Hey Doc, Dr T. Colin Campbell says only 10 percent of your diet can be
    protein and should be plant based such as legumes beans or you turn on
    promotion of cancer. What say you there? 

  12. Jessus Christ says:

    bacon eggs and a salad.! low carbs no starch no sugar.

  13. Jonathan Thompson says:

    also love hemp and quinoa, flax, chia.

  14. AnimeFanPan says:

    does overlight eggs count good for breakfast?

  15. Valter Martins Silva says:

    Sounds very convincing, as eggs imply life itself, but not for me and
    surely not for many people who are allergic to eggs like myself.Many years
    ago, when I still didn´t know this , I used to have a bad headache
    whenever I ate eggs. Later on, I made some researches, reading some books
    on allergy and …bingo: eggs are one of the main foods that cause allergy.
    Nowadays, I only eat a plant-based diet and feel great.

  16. christine haigh says:

    I truly love your videos!!!!!

  17. Sheri Crane says:

    Dr Berg is a very giving , well educated man … He truly cares.
    His short clips on nutrition , body types and the endocrine system are
    Remarkable in the least …
    Thanks for your Free wisdom gleaned from hours of research. excellent
    delivery .you’re a great teacher.I’ll look forward to many more…. 

  18. Jason Burt says:

    The best high energy breakfast for blood sugar, brain function…is a
    smoothie with Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, Avocado, Cooked Bacon w/
    fat, Almond Butter, Tahini, Flax Seed Oil. and Spinach. Laugh all you want,
    but this will take you past lunch with limitless energy and a sharp mind.
    Do not add any sugars period! None! If you have hyperinsulinemia this will
    feel like a cure.

  19. Valter Martins Silva says:

    Beware. Egg, specially the white of the egg, is one strong allergen for
    many people. I am allergic to egg myself.

  20. Tonya Knox says:
  21. jugy says:

    I started watching some of your videos and I must say you are all over the
    place when it comes to advice. I never heard eating 4 eggs a day was
    healthy. You are already exceeding the daily recommendations, plus the body
    already produced all the cholesterol the body needs so any extra is already
    excess. Im sure you know this so im puzzled by your recommendations. On
    another video you also recommend drinking water only when thirsty to avoid
    dehydration, that also seems counterproductive since I know by personal
    experience if I don’t drink at least 6 cups of water a day I will be
    constipated considering I already try to ingest enough fiber. Also I can go
    a whole day without drinking water and only drinking it at night when I do
    become thirsty which by that time im obviously dehydrated. Honestly Mr.
    Berg I think you are nuts!!

  22. nld410 says:

    I can’t eat eggs as my son is allergic to them and I am breastfeeding. I am
    also a vegetarian. Can you suggest a protein breakfast for me. I think I”m
    an ovary body type. THANKS!

  23. Pedro Castro says:

    Dr. Berg, your channel and work you do are amazing!

  24. Disizanewme S says:

    I need to lose about 40 pounds give or take, can you please give me a full
    days menu to get started? With the amounts of everything included please?
    Thank you.

  25. Pradeep Rathnayake says:

    Good information. Thanks.

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