Here is a parkour tutorial on how to do a wall run and climb up or the wall up by Jesse La Flair. This is a pretty detailed tutorial but please let me know if you have any questions by commenting…

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  1. Spartan Duckie says:

    Hi, I lost both my legs yesterday playing CoD. It’s always been my dream to
    parkour, but now that I don’t have any legs do you have any advice? Two
    sniper bullets ripped them right off…. Some kid I kept killing decided to
    shoot me IRL. What an asshole, right?

    Anywa, thank for read. I walk a few miles on my hands and donated my legs
    to charity. Being sent off to Africa to feed hungry children. I can make a
    difference even without legs! …or, because I lost my legs.

    Much thank for read. I hope you can giv me good advice and mayb tips on

  2. SweetnessArmy says:

    if you can say these words you’re a genius

  3. Allie Hanichak says:

    3:46 you look like an anime character while doing this wall climb 

  4. botmun biyond says:

    Assassins Creed inspirid me to do this xD

  5. Ivan Mixo says:

    well,you need some muscels for that :D

  6. secretcust says:

    I’m a foreigner, start to parkour…
    but I have some question, before start…. 😀

    1st… I’m thin outer, Do I more discipline muscles?
    2nd… How hard should I be parkour until? hard? or soft?

    I’m pleasure from this video and check your channel!

  7. Andrew Ramirez says:

    What’s harder a wall run of a worped wall, I can’t spell,from american
    ninja warrior. Just wondering. +LaFlairParkour 

  8. The Burning Owl says:

    I can do parkour smoothly BUT the thing I screw up on is my courage to jump
    up and grab, it HURTS SO MUCH when grabbing onto a ledge D:
    The kong vault is also impossibruh.

  9. Barlcelona F.C says:

    omg i wanna try this so bad

  10. Evilmunchkin677 says:

    Hey!!! Does it matter on the type of shoe you’re wearing? If so, which type
    would you recommend?

  11. toy bonnie the bunny toy fazbear says:

    I did inside parkour I fliped over my couch and didnt hit my glass table I
    was so close to the table

  12. octimus prime says:

    Hi, I am 12, almost 13 and was just wonder if Puma Trinimic XT1+ is a good
    show for parkour. Also wanted to know best way to get good grip on smooth
    surfaces like concrete, ect.
    Thanks, great tutorials by the way, has helped a lot 

  13. Josh Cook says:

    Im 16 just started parkour and I live in the uk but there are no good walls
    to get grip on can you show me how to get up a wall that is slick

  14. chemicalpuppy says:

    Can eny one give me a tip because evrytime i wanna do it a run jump ans
    bounce my self off the wall i need help

  15. Sajeen hossain says:

    you are so amazing love you

  16. Kole Knudsen says:

    lol pc master race

  17. Lathu Kiritharan says:

    Hi if you play minecraft or watch parkour look at my videos

  18. Stephen Reano says:

    Thanks this was really helpful, i will use your techique to get over walls

  19. Voider74KS says:

    For the record. How strong do you reckon your hands need to be? You need to
    be able to pull yourself up, at least once? Or? I for example can pull up
    once, but barely. Obviously you can’t be too weak, and your weight counts.
    But basing on being able to pull yourself, can you give some estimates?

  20. Dexter ect. says:

    I remember when i learned Parkour 😛 i could get up the wall but not over
    it 😀
    great Video by the way. SUB!!

  21. Parker Neese says:

    Also I got some new shoes there called something like feviue are those good?

  22. Zaderman Web says:

    Do you have tutorials for kids? The only parkour I did was the PK roll and
    the vault

  23. Naaddre Amos says:

    Can you climb different walls

  24. Skythedragon says:

    I’m trying this for a long time and I’m sure I do it right but I can’t come
    up the wall really high like you do and I also can’t set my second step on
    the wall. any tips?

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