Viking Axe and Shield Techniques – Bearded Axe Disarm ep.2

Thrand and Eldgrim demonstrate an axe disarm using the Bearded axe head fighting Axe and Shield. This is exciting Episode 2 and they address Demomanchaos as well. This is a new series and it…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses

  1. ThegnThrand says:

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  2. HamsterPants522 says:

    +True Poger *”I know that videos are focused on axe technices itself, but
    that’s really a pity you didn’t mentioned how to defend against such a
    hooks. It seems, that almost every strike can end with you disarming your
    enemy, if you only are fast enough. Is it really so easy, or there are ways
    to evade that?”*
    A one-handed sword typically has about twice the length of a one-handed
    axe. That range advantage is something to utilize in trying to counter axe
    techniques. One-handed swords during the viking age as well usually were a
    bit easier to maneuver than an axe, so you could afford to feint or
    otherwise manage to prevent your weapon from getting hooked to begin with.

    A very likely counter to these techniques is to make a direct strike for
    the axe wielder’s hand, or exploit whatever other openings he might create
    from closing the distance on you.

  3. Johan Jartelius says:


    Just wanted to say thanks. Good and crystal clear. Fun to see some
    axe-techniques. We tend to become very sword oriented, so it’s nice to see
    other weapons explored.


  4. TheJarlsDen says:

    Muhahah! I claim this video in the name all my fellow Vikings… 1st! xD

    BTW- Excellent video. And Thrand, I’m lovin’ that shirt brotha!

  5. igotshot5 says:

    Awesome technique dudes.

  6. prowokator says:

    Good stuff, practical solutions, subbed! Greets from Finland!

  7. Rollo Red says:

    Cool stuff.. When you think about it if you trapped his weapon against your
    shield the way you did well you may not even need to twist. The person next
    to you could just hack his arm or hand off for you?

    Oh yeah since you mentioned it will you guys also be covering the Long/Dane
    Axe or have you already done that?

  8. Mr. Allmighty Cornholio says:

    Strange how I never see this move in movies or video games, because it’s
    such a badass and practical technique!

  9. eonwolf66 says:

    Love watching your videos. Do you care I use choreography video to make my
    fight scenes in my comic books better?

  10. Kajan451 says:

    Thrand, maybe, it would be useful for videos like this if you would have
    only half a shield. I find when you are standing with the back to the
    camera your shield usually hides what is going on and what you try to show
    from Eldgrims perspective. I do not exactly have a solution for the
    problem, but maybe with a plexiglas shield could also be an option? I mean
    it wouldn’t have to be crafted real nice, if it was only for video’s like

    Then again, i suppose the views don’t yet warrant the expenditure.

  11. OccasusCasts says:

    Cool guys, I have Great Dane Axe w/ 6 foot haft, Horned of course. Any
    chance you can upload techniques and practice for a 2 hander?
    Cheers from Canada!

  12. demomanchaos says:

    Excellent video mates. Hopefully these will get more people to start doing
    more axe work.

  13. malurt112 says:

    Hahaha. Well, I think you knowledge about fighting in general looks pretty
    advanced. I can think of many movies where this would be helpful. Maybe
    it’s just the case of the director ignoring the more historically correct
    choreographers input, to make the movie more interesting for some people.
    Then even if you have the best, you will miss it in the actual movie, cause
    it’s been cut out.

    I hope Mel Gibson will be more realistic when it comes to fighting in his
    Viking-movie, Bezerker.
    Though the title is already giving the vikings a bad rep…..
    Then again, maybe it’s just about a bezerker and not a viking:-)

    Venlig hilsen John

  14. Roger Horsemen says:

    eldgrim really gets pushed all over the place in your videos lol

  15. malurt112 says:

    The movies are not ruined. But they did not get any better, either;-)
    And a movie with combat-techniques like this, would be fantastic. Maybe you
    could be the coreographers on that:-)
    Please make it happen!!!!!!:-)

    Venlig hilsen John

  16. Kyle Bates says:

    Very interesting. All my training with shields has been with heaters, and
    the way they’re used is much different than those of the vikings, and I’m
    enjoying seeing the contrast. I would also be interested in seeing
    techniques with two handed weapon vs weapon and shield and vice versa. I
    know with the exception of pole arms, we don’t see a lot of battlefield
    love for two handed weapons, and I would be interested in learning more
    about their role in combat. All the best guys, thanks.

  17. hazardouslaugh says:

    Eldgrim is such a good sport to do these videos, Kudos to the unsung hero!

  18. Roger Horsemen says:

    also really cool video shield and axe is my favorite type of fighting

  19. malurt112 says:

    I always enjoy your videos. It’s nice to see all the stuff, you never see
    in movies. Only problem is, when I watch those movies now, they are ruined.
    Thanks, guys:-(
    Well, Vikings is still a great show.

    After seeing your knifedefense-fight and this, I wonder when you are going
    to fight Vikingstyle against each other, with the shields, helmets, mail
    and sparring weapons. Is that something I can expect in the near future?

    As always, fantastic video, very interesting and exciting. Just love this

    Venlig hilsen John

  20. Edivan oliveira maciel says:

    very good

  21. True Poger says:

    I know that videos are focused on axe technices itself, but that’s really a
    pity you didn’t mentioned how to defend against such a hooks. It seems,
    that almost every strike can end with you disarming your enemy, if you only
    are fast enough. Is it really so easy, or there are ways to evade that?

  22. Kuldeltac says:

    I’m increasingly impressed by how versatile axes really are as a weapon
    system, especially in combination with a shield. Excellent video series.

  23. Janas Aurora says:

    Holding that axe behind the shield reminds me of how folks hold a clutch of
    javelins. Smart moves.

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