VEGAN: Cheap HEALTHY Breakfast | What I Eat | Diet Tips | Healthy Permanent Weight Loss

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11 Responses

  1. WhoIsSophrosyne says:

    Taken this morning c:c:
    Freshlyyy Uploaded c:

  2. Donnia Harrington says:

    Yikes you talk fast

  3. Laura N says:

    Just found you and subscribed. Can you talk more about your thyroid issues.
    That’s very common nowadays. It would be great to hear how you improved or
    overcame it.

  4. Chantalle Raw says:

    Where or how did make/get coconut creme. Also, what kind of peanut butter?
    That meal is higher in fats, so I was wondering is that a splurge for you
    or is that normal. I just started a vegan diet so I hope this doesn’t
    sound rude. Im just trying to learn as much as I can. thanks!

  5. Priscilla g says:

    Love your channel!

  6. istimmy21 says:

    Looks tasty, iv tryed honey and its not bad. 

  7. Robert LC - Digital Artist says:

    1:54 Haha, you did just say that.

  8. Omar Kayham says:

    where is your flex?

  9. Susi says:

    i dip them into tahin. sooo delicious!

  10. ReenLuvsGreens says:

    I never thought of jam with apples … totally a great idea! :)

  11. krzys d says:

    I eat bananas and apples dipped in cocoa powder 😉 Such yummy food for
    brunch etc. Its that perfect sweet and chocolaty flavour without any added
    sugar etc 🙂
    Also thick and creamy water porridge with frozen raspberries

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