Valentines Day Altered Treat Tin

A food tin that I’ve altered and filled with treats for a Valentines Day gift. The original idea was from Yolibean. Here is the link to her tutorial…

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20 Responses

  1. Scrapitydoodah says:

    @Grandmasandy100 Thanks so much for watching & your kind comment. – Lynn

  2. Scrapitydoodah says:

    @nightangel0515 Thanks for taking the time to watch. Glad you liked it –

  3. yoliebean says:

    How kind Lynn! I’m so glad I inspired you. Your daughter is going to love
    it. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  4. Scrapitydoodah says:

    @LindaLap Thanks Linda. She was really happy with it. It’s a cute idea and
    I think I’ll be using it again. Yes you do need a can opener that does not
    leave sharp edges. Hugs Lynn

  5. DebbieAC68 says:

    It’s lovely, im sure your daughter will love it. My daughter is away at
    uni, I am always sending her things I have made. I may to give the treat
    tin ago. TFS xx

  6. TracysTreasures24 says:

    Your altered can is so pretty. Love that you filled it up with chocolates
    😉 I keep meaning to make one of these types of cans…boy my list is long
    , lol. Love your statement at the end of your video 😉

  7. littlebirdie2 says:

    Yes, I saw yoliebean’s tut on this and thought it clever. Yours turned out
    so cute 4 Valentine’s! I know your dau loved it ! ~terry

  8. Jennings644 says:

    Fabulous idea Lynn, must try that myself for my grandchildren. They would
    love this TFS Hugs Fi xx

  9. ScrapMary says:

    Che carino Lynn!!!! Molto dolce!

  10. TootsleTurtle says:

    Lynn that is so cute!

  11. Scrapitydoodah says:

    @TootsleTurtle Thanks so much. TFW – Lynn

  12. Scrapitydoodah says:

    @Jennings644 Thanks Fiona. It went down really well. It took her a while to
    figure out how I got the treats & the card into the tin LOL – Hugs Lynn

  13. Grandmasandy100 says:

    Very cute TFS

  14. Scrapitydoodah says:

    @ScrapMary Thanks Mary – hugs Lynn

  15. goldyfishls says:

    cute tin. TYFS. Best Wishes Lucinda

  16. Scrapitydoodah says:

    @littlebirdie2 Thanks for watching Terry & your nice comment. It was a fun
    project to make & my girl loved it.

  17. Scrapitydoodah says:

    @TracysTreasures24 Thanks very much Tracy. It was actually very quick to
    make and makes a great little gift. The fact that it also had a use
    afterwards as a pencil/pen storage tin appealed to my eco side. The comment
    was made tongue in cheek, basically because I’d run out of things to say &
    it just popped into my head. (Although it is a rule I try to follow).
    Thankfully everyone has been very nice to me so far. LOL – TFW hugs – Lynn

  18. Scrapitydoodah says:

    @DebbieAC68 Thanks for your kind comment Debbie. It’s hard to get used to
    not having them around isn’t it. It’s too quite LOL. TFW – Lynn

  19. Scrapitydoodah says:

    @goldyfishls Thank you so much TFW – Lynn

  20. Scrapitydoodah says:

    @yoliebean She did love it & it took her a while to figure out how I got
    everything into the tin. The lace covered up where I’d glued the bottom
    back on, so she couldn’t see the join. It was only once she’d opened it
    that she could see light shining through in a few places at the bottom. I
    don’t pay for her to go to University for nothing LOL – By the way, thanks
    for subbing to me. hugs Lynn

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