What chemicals are used in our favourite fast food such as Mcdonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, Wendy’s etc? What are their purpose? Is it all a conspiracy? Health and fitness of Americans is…
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  1. Geo Musicman says:

    Make people addicted to artificial foods so they become dependent on them
    and then increase taxes on these foods, genius.

  2. Daylen Swift says:

    Cat food might be healthier than fast food!

  3. CoonShoot says:

    All these “reports” make it sound like these fat fuckers only eat perfectly
    healthy food, fruits and tons on vegetables at home, and that were it not
    for fast food restaurants, they would be fit as can be.

    Do they forget that these same countries have had fast food for 70 years
    What has changed?

    THEY ARE SLOTHS, they don’t fuckin MOVE, they are lumps of lazy fuckers who

  4. Repairers of the Breach says:
  5. LisaDawnn says:

    There is junk.
    There is food.
    Junk food is an oxymoron.
    That’s like saying: deadly medicine. Oh wait. My bad 😉

    People……… HAVE to help yourself because no one out there,
    collectively, has your best interest at hand.

    Instead of pledging allegiance to some phony fabric flag (that means
    nothing)……Americans should recite this every day:

    Doctors destroy health
    Media destroys information
    Governments destroy freedom
    Universities destroy knowledge
    Lawyers destroy justice.
    GMO destroys foods 

  6. Henry Thrun says:
  7. John Read says:

    Being fattened up for the kill, food for the aliens 

  8. Unicorn Lady (formerly archiecook55) says:

    I think what needs to be done is to decrease the price of healthy foods
    like fresh fruits and vegetables and increase the price of processed junk
    foods, a lot of people eat those foods because they’re cheaper and they
    can’t afford higher quality, healthier foods. Also better education on what
    makes a healthy meal or a healthy snack and what doesn’t.

  9. robert jackson says:


  10. Glenn Smith says:

    Eat healthy, exercise and eat junk very occasionally. Where is the issue?

  11. StripperLicker says:

    Russia Today… world leaders in propaganda dressed up as news.

  12. mrlafayette1964 says:

    I believe sugar is a low level poison..yeah it makes cake taste good but
    what else good is it and look at all the bad that comes from
    it.Diabetes,Heart disease,rots your teeth out,clouds your thinking..on and
    on…cut it out completely and get it out of your system and you’ll feel
    much better.Fast food too which is nothing but a recipe for diabetes and
    high blood pressure.

  13. adamymind says:

    Conspiracy or not, fast food and processed food is making everyone obese
    and dying of various diseases. The evidence of THAT is there. Eat a
    fucking apple once in a while and don’t eat quarter pounders as a side and
    you’d be surprised how much better you feel. oooOOOOOOooooo science! 

  14. diana styles says:

    Not all people in america are fat.
    I saw dome comments below and they are quite disgusting and quite rude.
    I do think that a lot of people do go to the extreme when they eat this
    food but it is also the manufacturers faults because they put chemicals in
    it to make it addicting.

  15. Damein Earl says:

    A strategic plan to kill Americans and get them sick to Keep the FDA’s
    pocket books FAT. This is a shame 

  16. renatoyutub says:

    imo the real conspiracy is that the government wants to pressure natural
    selection , they also make a lot of money in the process $$$

  17. Betsy Dominguez says:

    That eye in the corner is freaking me out

  18. Alicia Andrews says:

    I travel between Canada and the US a lot and there is no difference in the
    weight of the people. Australians are also just as fat as Americans (or
    very close). Why do people in the UK always bash how fat Americans are when
    they are the fattest country in the EU? Why don’t you deal with your own
    obesity instead of always focusing on another countries?

  19. TommYYZ says:

    About a year ago I stopped eating ALL BAD SHIT. I have lost about 60 lbs.

  20. Michael Z says:
  21. Dom Jú says:
  22. Tom Caro says:

    Just go Vegan and drink water, you won’t have a problem with eating lab rat

  23. Tamia Preston says:

    What i think is that i don’t think people who are over their weight should
    be blame by thier weight i think the government should be blame because
    once people starts to eat these food they’ll start to get use to it and
    wont stop eating it. that’s why i’m a vegetarian.

  24. Wally Smith says:

    Russia Today is as pathetic as Fox news or MSNBC. Pure sensationalism and

  25. deeptruthhunter says:


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