Ultrasonic Sensors with Engineer Jim Lindblom

SparkFun Engineer Jim Lindblom explains how ultrasonic sensors work, what you can use them for and some issues you may have if you try to use multiple ultrasonic sensors in the same area. …

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25 Responses

  1. lorenzo garcia says:

    any guide how to make large and high powered Ultrasonic sonar sensor that
    can reach about more than 20 meters. 

  2. gglafatottari Drullusukkor says:

    HELP! (if you can)
    I’m going to be entering a university competition (not worth anything)
    called cops and robbers. The cops have ultrasonic sensor so i was hoping i
    could some how sense the ultrasonic pulses and go in the quietest
    direction. Also if i could receive their signal and send out a fake signal
    it would trick the robots into thinking they are at a wall and need to
    turn. any ideas how to achieve this would be awesome I’m only a first
    year >< ty

  3. Kumar Natarajan says:
  4. Doug Berg says:

    Cool! Great presentation too!!!

  5. Inquire98 says:

    “Thank You”, thank you very much.
    Can/will you do more videos or tutorials on sensors???

    Let me know.

    I look forward to hearing from you…


  6. Ali Alghamdi says:

    Hi, bro i like what you just did , but can you speak a little bit about the
    second board that you connect it upon the Arduino board , and why ?
    can we connect cable to the board directly ?

    best regards

  7. Islam Rostom says:

    can it work underwater ?

  8. Yariv Shavit says:

    I am looking for quite some time for the right sensor. Have you experience
    with the MURATA MA40S4R Sensor. The SFxx Sensor are at about 20 $ while the
    Murata only 8 $.
    How do you display on the 4 digit Display the Distance? Does it have
    already the 7Segment Decoder in it?.

    Any chance to build my own ultrasonic and calibrate the distance according
    to the returned ping? Which sensor (piezo) might be suitable?
    Thanks in advance

  9. ILTK says:

    Could one of these be used to measure water level?

    I’ve built an aquarium computer using all the atlas scientific probes +
    controlling lights and nutrient dosing pumps and it would be nice to hook
    one or more of these to also control a solenoid for doing water changes,
    keeping an eye on sump water levels, levels above overflows etc..


  10. Eric Roux says:

    Just wondering, is there such a thing as an ultrasonic range finder that
    works through medium other than air, for instance through dirt to find
    rocks instead of through air to find solid objects

  11. Caleb J says:

    what’s the specific name of a sensor that senses a presence of an object
    and passes a signal elsewhere to be interpreted in LEDs

  12. Chris Schroeder says:

    can you pst a link to your Arduino code?

  13. miguelarjieluis says:

    Hi, Can you send me the codes that you used in that video. It would really
    help us in our thesis. kindly send it to arjie_arce_24@yahoo.com I would
    gladly appreciate your help thanks!

  14. Jonathan Duncan says:

    Hey, Jim@SparkFun, what is that cool looking blinking cube behind you?

  15. kanechew says:


  16. rodstartube says:

    @aplacefaraway RTFM dumbass

  17. Marcos Moura says:

    What is the diference of z1 to z2 to z3 to z4 ? They all look the same

  18. Jonathan Duncan says:

    Yep, there it is. Thanks JRproducts, that is now on my wishlist.

  19. Billabonger7945 says:

    Can I use this for vehicle blind spot detection?

  20. GuitarRobotNO10 says:

    I will buy it.

  21. Kai Paquin says:

    Could you use the sensor to record ultrasonic sounds?

  22. aplacefaraway says:

    can you tell me the sound pressure level (dB) and also what would be the
    safe level of operation?

  23. rodstartube says:

    he looks like my girlfriend

  24. Lone Wolf says:

    it is an led cube, basically a 3d cube made of led’s, there’s more than
    that tho, to drive them you need a whole circuit, just search “led cube” on
    youtube, i built a 5x5x5 led cube, they’re fun to play with

  25. GTechno13 says:

    So I wanted to watch this video in 1080p and let it load all the way but it
    was at about 1-2 fps. What gives youtube?? lol @ “refuckted back” Sorry,
    but good video SparkFun keep them coming.

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