TRX Band Workout – Complete 20 minute Full Body Workout with instructions – Brad Scott Fitness to grab your trx training system and have your own home gym. In this workout video I show you a complete 20 minute full body trx band workout with instructions on each…
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  1. Brad Scott Fitness says:
  2. nyinfamous2k2 says:

    Hey Brad , Great video, thanks for posting. I have a question for you. Im
    an athlete that always kept in shape from sports. I hate going to gyms.
    recently ive been wanting to add a home gym in my house. I was
    contemplating something like a bowflex even though im not really a fan of
    those types of machines. I like the having your whole body engaged when
    doing exercises, which led me to the TRX. My question is, is this system
    suitable for a complete workout, this and resistance bands would be all id
    ever use vs or a bowflex. im already pretty lean and would look more to
    bulking. thanks in advance. 

  3. Jesus Beltran says:

    Awesome video. Do you recommend this workout, or even TRX at all for a 15
    year old boy? My son is playing basketball and wants to gain some muscle
    (he’s very skinny).

  4. josh soprano says:

    Awesome!!!! I just got the trx (the cheap knock off version Haha) and I’ll
    100% be doing this workout thanks so much for uploading it!! But how many
    times a week would you recommend a real beginner should do it? 

  5. Jesus Beltran says:

    Ok, so I gave it a shot. This workout rules big time. I was hanging in
    there, but my arms failed on the first knee tuck / push up. How often
    should I do this work out? 3 times a week or more?

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