Truth Testing: How to Use a Pendulum, Part 1

Can you handle the Truth? Amy Scott Grant demonstrates the first of 3 easy truth testing methods: the pendulum. Now you can make the best possible decisions and choices, every single time.

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25 Responses

  1. Amy Scott Grant says:

    Donna it is not necessary to clean your pendulum regularly, although with
    certain stones and types of materials, they will take on a greasy film, in
    which case it’s a good idea to wash it in water or with mild liquid soap if
    necessary. Alternatively, you can leave it out in the windowsill on the
    night of a new moon if it’s clear enough skies. Hope that helps…

  2. Tim Hastings says:

    Question Amy- Can a Pendulum be used in a more pragmatic way for results?
    Meaning, Sometimes, my answers vary. I understand it takes some getting
    used to it for effectiveness. So, shouldn’t the pendulum work in a setting
    like this- having 5 envelopes with a different number in each. We should be
    able to tell which number is in each using the e[pendulum, right? Is there
    a reason why that would not work? Thanks!

  3. Jessica Borek says:

    I was going to ask will I compete university. I just have one important
    exam left which will give me my diploma degree and now I am not sure if I
    should ask that question. Because if the answer turns out no I will freak
    out. 🙂 

  4. Amy Scott Grant says:

    Jess Smith: It’s all good but you know what? It never hurts to ground
    yourself before trying anything new. 

  5. Realpsychichere says:

    I just recently got a Black Tourmaline pendulum. I’m still trying to
    understand it somewhat but it seems to work! Etsy has a lot of pendulums
    to buy I bought mine from this shop

  6. OfficialVGOvideos says:

    Thanks for the video! I tried it! It really works… amazing!

  7. Nguyen Do says:

    I have a homemade pendulum you know just a rock attach to a string, when
    the answer is yes it swing left and right not back and forth is it weird?

  8. Gaby Zambrano says:

    I love your videos they are very easy to understand I m glad I came across
    to them. A quick question my pendulum broke in the tip I was wondering if I
    can still use it even though is broken.. any feed back will be appreciate

  9. Bowserjoe Woody says:

    How can I be sure that it’s really my higher self moving the pendulum, and
    not just my hand moving slightly and subconsciously?

  10. emf1111 says:

    when my pendulum needs more information, or can’t answer the question, it
    actually shivers

  11. marina garcia says:

    Based on the same idea as a ouja board. Unless you are a gifted person, you
    are playing with fire! Don’t believe any of the answers being given to you!

  12. Tim Hastings says:

    Amy. You’re awesome. Love your enthusiasm. :)

  13. Carla Thompson says:

    can I just use my necklace with a charm on it?

  14. I Am The Tuning Lady says:

    We assess bio-energy centers using a pendulum or kinesiology. I like the
    pendulum. This lady has a good presentation for teaching how to use the

  15. Bree Gilbert says:

    Amy, thanks for the video. I was wondering what your thoughts are on ouiji

  16. Kayla Rooks says:

    How come when I do it, the necklace/ pendelum will not move when I’m not
    looking at it? And it’s hard not to think of an answer to a question before
    the pendulum starts moving. When I ask a question I think of an answer and
    the pendulum automatically goes to the answer (yes, no, and/or maybe) 

  17. Syrian Perspective says:

    After watching this video I found this book . . Thank you

  18. Jene Kim says:

    All things considered it is true and accurate that… really like it.

  19. emf1111 says:

    what if you are an amputee and cant put both feet on the floor? put your
    phantom foot on the floor?

  20. Emily Bloop says:

    Mine is confusing… I think side to side is “Yes” and back and forth is
    “no” and a circle is “idk”. But then I asked it if back and forth was “no”
    jus to check and it went in a circle for ” i dont know”. Hahaha shouldn’t
    it know?

  21. Bakari Clark says:

    OK I saw your hand move when u said show me a clear sign for no and I’m not
    saying u are lying about the pendulum I just wanted to put it out their

  22. BannanaFarmer says:

    I like Pringles, how about you?

  23. Ibrahim Shammout says:

    i was using an amethyst stone as the weight in the pendulum, does t matter
    or no? also my yes was a circle movement also all my friends we all tested
    it together, is that ok too? thanks

  24. Sparkle Tech says:

    I’m thinking about buying a pendulum but I have 1 question. Are Pendulums
    evil like ouji boards❗❓❔

  25. steph b says:

    I’m stuck on basic yes and no questions with my pendulum, I guess the
    basics, how do you go further from that?

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