Travel & Landscape Photography Tips

Travel & Landscape Photography Tips

This is the trailer for our Travel and Landscape Photography Tips DVD. Part out our Photography Masterclass DVD series. Get More FREE Training at my website:….
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25 Responses

  1. Lang Xkie says:


  2. Abhijeet Joshi says:

    Great videos all of them. And by the way what is the filter system you are
    using is called?

  3. DeliciousCassiopeia says:

    I love your tutorials, they’re clear and visual and straight to the point.
    Love your techniques, I really feel like I am learning from these. Thank

  4. JYLEET says:


  5. LeeAnna MARIE says:

    my favirotes were the ocean shot and than the glass pyramid

  6. simply2ghetto says:

    @cookiepwnsU But I keep hearing in these vids that you can take these pics
    with a basic SLR

  7. plungepro says:

    So much passion combined with great talent, well done.

  8. drew2pac says:

    hi thanks so much for this vid – your pics are stunning! just a quick
    question. what filters would you recommend? i am just about to buy a
    circular polarising filter, but can i replicate ND in photoshop?

  9. Manuel Fallah says:

    that” mean”s dslr”s camera and lens of canon or nikon isn”t pro ?

  10. punkdpoison says:

    what filters and filter holder do you use,tell me if you can please.

  11. cookiepwnsU says:

    @sharagim1 pro’s usually have 4k dollar cameras and 12k lenses 😛

  12. felix2877 says:

    i hope i could learn ..and develop my own style..thank you for vid.

  13. burubura says:

    300th LIKE

  14. jumparts23 says:

    you’re the great photographer also

  15. Uzen Tan says:

    Its the photoshop that makes it look superb..

  16. Daniel Martins says:

    Love the videos! But I`m getting the feeling that without the ND Filter I
    won`t be able to make any of the really artistic photos that I was planning
    on… 🙂 Thanks for sharing, mate!

  17. Terinigan says:

    Some say that those who can’t do, teach. This is definitely not the case
    with Karl Taylor, fantastic photos!

  18. 040506keri says:

    @GreatPhotographyTips Love your videos and have taken some seascape shots
    recently myself but it was very windy and the problems i had were keeping
    the tripod steady and spray from the sea off my lens. Any advise?. Think i
    need a stronger tripod and not shoot when its so windy?

  19. christopher gundersen says:

    that is some stunning photos

  20. TheJuggler99 says:

    i love your videos

  21. clearodef says:

    What was the purpose of point out the use of the filter that was similar to
    an ND but split in half? Just trying to understand. Thanks for all the
    great tips so far.

  22. Angela B Pan Photography says:

    Wow those are great images!

  23. Caribe PR says:

    This guy is the master. Greate videos, well explained. Thanks!!

  24. Delinz says:

    the shot at 1:27 is just amazing!

  25. Billy Snowy says:

    How to get all focus range? Do people use photoshop to do that ? Or use
    super high apreture? But there’s diffraction

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