Tower Crane Assembly with Climber Demo

San Marco Tower crane assembly with overview of how climbing system works. Follow the link below to find San Marco tower cranes for sale: …

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25 Responses

  1. hanz cruz says:

    It needs a crane to build a crane, how ironic.

  2. Jorge Lopez says:

    Where can I get this Lego set?

  3. mylifeisJDM says:

    That escalated quickly.

  4. Søren Riisager says:

    Stod tidligere idag i Vanløse for foden af en kæmpe kran og undrede mig
    over hvordan i himmelens navn man får stablet sådan en på benene.. Her er
    svaret #ubrugelig #viden 

  5. Gray Embry says:

    For the past several months, I’ve been watching the construction of the new
    building here at work. Up until recently, it had 2 giant cranes working,
    and it’s been driving me nuts trying to figure out how the hell a giant
    crane got erected without having a bigger crane….

    Now I know.

  6. Nicholas Giampietro says:

    Laying awake at 3am and wondering how they put cranes together .Ahhh now i
    know …. ok back to the porn ! 

  7. MrAudries says:

    it fucks my brain all the time how it became taller every time i saw it 

  8. Jester2b04 says:

    wow really awesome! i always wondered how they build a crane. thnx for

  9. Max Siegieda says:

    I want this to become a trend, music videos that are actually just
    instructional engineering videos. For some reason it enhances the
    experience pretty nicely, the slightly-trancey nature of the song helps.

  10. Tyler M says:

    Ever wonder how tower cranes are built?

    Tower Crane Assembly with Climber Demo:

  11. STUVIEWUTUBE says:


  12. Kitsune Ken says:

    9gag u made me curious!

  13. Grennae Bartram says:

    St rotten the same

  14. greg55666 says:

    Thank you for this–I have always wondered how this is done. Now that I
    know, I can hardly believe it. Amazing.

  15. Cristiano Carvalho says:

    Tower Crane Assembly with Climber Demo

  16. eng.bilal saad says:

    أخيرا فهمنا ازاي بيتركب 

  17. Peter Park says:

    This.. is really educational. Cool stuff.

  18. Giga Chokheli says:

    what is music’s name tell me please 

  19. kerrod reihana says:

    Thank you for that

  20. freightuk says:

    Thanks for the video, I thought that cage arrangement was instrumental in
    the task but never actually seen it in action, now it’s clear, I’m another
    poor soul who can sleep easy at last ;)

  21. Durandal00 says:

    for anyone who wants to know, the song is My Shooter by Groove Cutter

  22. Andrew Guzman says:

    Song name?

  23. Jati Rinawan says:

    Cool crane

  24. Alexis Leal says:

    You know em it’s cranes not crates. …maybe u can just rap and not spell.
    .who knows …i mean even a legend like your self could mess up….and to
    that fool that said he owns 30 tower cranes “hammer heads”…you are full
    of shit. .you might own thirty of them however they are still in the boxes
    in your closet. ..the cost of a terex tower is approximately 2 million and
    you own 30….Mmmmmm. ..i think my friend you are a liar. …i know because
    I operate cranes…hydros, crawlers and towers and nccco certified in all

  25. Naqeeb Omar says:

    ooohhhhhh now it all makes sense… lmfaooo 

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