Total Body Strength Training and Core Workout for Beginners – Low Impact Workout at Home

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24 Responses

  1. FitnessBlender says:
  2. Devon Shaw says:

    Have not exercised in years, quitting smoking right now and this is a
    perfect introduction back into the fitness world. Thanks for the great

  3. Erika Ayala says:

    This helped me out today. I’ve been very sore from knee pain and needed a
    strength workout that wasn’t going to hurt my knee anymore that it is. With
    some modifications on the lunges and squats, it worked. Thanks!

  4. Peter Alachi says:

    Dear Daniel and Kelly – I’ve been hooked on your channel and know that I
    really appreciate both of you! I do exercises from it almost daily and
    they do work. I’ve increased my aerobics portion for weight loss and have
    been doing the other weight-training/abs related exercises as well as
    others by Kathy Smith, Chris Freytag and Shaun T (T25.). A while ago now,
    I introduced your channel to my exercise group on Facebook (10 Pound Slim
    Down Xtreme 28 Day Challenge- started by Chris Freytag). Many of us have
    been doing them in conjunction with Chris’s exercises. 

  5. Dave NNC says:

    Do the exercises order matter?
    Besides, i found this best suited video for me. Its definetly killing for
    my overweight body but i have build up endurance with cardio and i’m still
    doing it.
    Ty in advance

  6. Lisa M Buik says:

    i love it its super helpful. me and my dad do it. im yousing my moms thing
    im actuly a boy :)

  7. Joelle Paras says:

    Is total body strength training without equipment effective?

  8. jane lane says:

    Thank you mr.! Enjoyed this workout. Most of trainers claim beginners
    workout but they’re hard to follow. This can be claimed as beginners 100%

  9. Rebel Jones says:

    This is helpful. but i haven’t worked out in a while, and I am not
    Also, you move too fast through out each workout. Hard to transition, but
    it was good !

  10. Syed Hakimi Syed Azmy says:

    what timer app do you used?

  11. Braulio Alvarez says:

    Can someone tell me how to do the oblique crunch correctly because I just
    can’t do it right

  12. Paris Mitropoulos says:

    very nice!

  13. tan Andrew says:

    can i do this everyday?

  14. ahlamns says:

    I feel it all in my abs. This workout killed me. I have arthritis in my
    knees and a bit over weight. I will continue until I win. Thank you =)

  15. Melissa McGillivray says:

    Awesome relaxing rest day workout, thanks!

  16. M&M &M says:

    Did this yesterday, might be a beginner’s workout but still challenging.

  17. EuphoricImpact says:

    Basics are essential!!!

  18. jojo lin says:

    i like this workout it really hurt my core thanks for the workout

  19. Cecilie Osuma says:

    I’m defently gonna do this tomorrow 🙂 

  20. Rebel Jones says:

    Oblique is the hardest for me , what other exercise can lead to a stronger
    oblique ? +FitnessBlender 

  21. Tallen says:

    This workout was enjoyable and still posed as a challenge! 

  22. megfinal says:

    thanks for a great workout :)

  23. Sandi F says:

    finito!!!! thanks!

  24. Virgil Thompson says:

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