Total Body Bikini Blast Workout-Level 1: BeFiT GO | Bikini Body

Total Body Bikini Blast Workout-Level 1: BeFiT GO | Bikini Body is an explosive, fat-burning circuit workout set to some of today’s hottest workout music, that is designed to exercise with…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. Kerstin Hoang says:

    SAVE TIME (why i disliked this vid)
    1.Warm ups is missing
    2. Too fast to keep up
    3. Streching is missing

  2. Kaisa HarmaaLa says:

    I LOOOVE THIS WORK OUT!! Thank u thank u thank u xxx

  3. Achsah Smith says:

    This is very poorly setup, the second round is very trying on the arms.

  4. Amyy Lovatiic says:

    day 3 done..please tell me I am going to see results because it is way too
    boring too keep up..

  5. Daniela Millán says:

    About two months ago I couldn’t be able to complete this workout, now three
    months later I’ve finished it and Im happy!

  6. Vi Hoa Nguyễn says:

    Wow, this workout is amazing. I can feel my body is getting more powerful
    and my calories burning every second. Howere, there are some problems. I
    feel very tired at the minute of 14 and it’s hard to continue my practicing
    :(( My arms are too weak to do the push-up 🙁 so sad. Can anybody give me
    some advice so that I can do the workout fluently? THANKS A LOT

  7. Charlene Petra says:

    great !!! but too fast between every exercises! we doesn’t have the time
    to change the position….

  8. Frances Tosca says:

    Would like more variety in the circuits and fewer breaks– I feel like we
    break just as my heart rate is at target

  9. Jana Wallace says:

    So… I plan to use this space as part of my accountability – my aim is to
    post my completed workout on this page at least 4xs a week. Feel free to
    check and check up on me… ♡

    This workout had jumps on jumps on jumps…. if you like circuit, interval
    training, this series is it. And it’s free!! 

  10. alohamora6 says:

    who is the girl in the beginning? her body looks amazing

  11. Caitlin Donovan says:

    So happy I did this. I have never worked so hard! I am sweating a lot haha!
    Thank you for such a amazing workout, ready for a new fit body 

  12. Heroo Wings says:

    For how long we do this ?? I mean
    Mmm for everyday ?? Or one in a week or tow times in a week ?? . ?? And
    what should we eat ?? The problem not in the workout the problem in the
    eating way ??

    my body is 70k XD I know I know I want to have a 55 :'( can I 

  13. Katharina Stegner says:


  14. Jennifer C says:

    Wow that was hard but good

  15. Ximena Pyne says:

    I want to know her routine exercise to have those muscle

  16. Selenator Girl says:

    For how many days can i lose weight? :O <3 :D

  17. Jbean Normal says:

    wow she has abs…

  18. Noelle Horn says:

    Tried for about 15min then felt faint..too instense for me i think u have
    to already be in pretty good shape to do this

  19. Elissa Riddel says:

    lasted 20 mins hahah I will conquer this

  20. Lysienne says:

    that was so challenging!

  21. Ekaterina .Derkatch says:

    Amazing! So in love with it :)

  22. Vicki-Ann Malenga says:

    Things I learnt from this video: I can not jump aha. 

  23. avni bhansali says:

    Try fitness blender workout. It’s magical !

  24. Alexia Wheaton says:

    that the music played?

  25. GrinningGizmo says:

    way too intense for me, haha

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