Top 5 – Real job simulators

We take a look at the Top Five real life simulator games that could prepare you for a profession in production or community service. Music by: 5. Farming Simulator…

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25 Responses

  1. Josh Wachob says:

    farmville ant got shit on farm simulator XD

  2. mati200299 says:

    Nerdcubed farm silumator intro?

  3. RUdigitized says:

    Euro truck is fun. I mean job sims aren’t the most exciting thing. I enjoy
    it because it makes me feel relaxed.

  4. DCFanatic7 says:

    These games look ridiculously terrible…

  5. Jack McNally says:


  6. Lord Vivec says:

    is there ppl actually playing this shit?

  7. Gian Kyle Del Pilar says:

    Not very additctive, but cool!

  8. megadriver6 says:

    Why didn’t you guys include OMSI. The bus simulator. Awesome details and
    the vehicles have physics. They don’t handle like they are made out of
    cardboard and don’t turn on a dime.

  9. caller347 says:

    I thought “papers please” would be a good choice. 

  10. Asif Ramadan says:

    stupid games,
    give like if u agree to see how many people say its stupid

  11. Nikolai Smolkin says:


  12. xRazor14x[gamer] says:

    What is the game at 0:05?????

  13. TheTrainGame says:

    Train Simulator 2015 is three times better then any of them

  14. Riley McCarty says:

    what the h happend to fing goat simulater? or sergon sim???

  15. ziilvinas says:

    Not very good video. etc. More realistic: Orbiter 2010 (Space simulator),
    Flight Simulators (FSX, P3D, X-Plane) Silent Hunter III (Submarine
    simulator), Fishing Simulator 2 (Fishsim 2) Formula 1 (condemaster,) and

  16. RobbWilliams11 says:

    This video is only worth watching for the end

  17. Mario Viva says:

    GOAT SIMULATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iS NO! ONEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Daeda Lean says:

    the favorite part was when she let us see her titts

  19. Samuel White says:

    What about Euro Truck Simulator 2?

  20. StupidGamer says:

    Why are all of these games made by Excalibur?

  21. AstralDragoon says:

    The fun thing about these games is mostly exploring the murderous physics

  22. Virus_emo_ URABUMHOLE666 says:

    She just said on the Cleaning Simulator that you could do a 180 degree
    turn? SHE DID A 90 DEGREE TURN!!! 2:50 A 180 is a straight line a 90 is a
    bent turn or a left side kinda thing and a 360 is a full circle!

  23. 99domini99 says:

    Where’s Microsoft Flight Simulator X?

  24. Tyler James says:

    bruh she hot at the end bewbies lel

  25. Idan Vinter says:

    What’s more realistic than Sims ?
    It’s a simulation, ABOUT LIFE.

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