Top 10 Unsportsmanlike Moments in Pro Sports

Part 2 of 2 – Part 1 was Top 10 Crazy Moments in Sports: You never know what might happen when it comes to physical competitions.

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25 Responses

  1. Niall murray says:

    so someone being head-butted in the chest is worse than somebody being

  2. Sinneric says:

    The most unsportsmanlike moment I’ve seen was at a college baseball game.
    One of the opposing players kept the bat as he took first base. As he
    overran first he chucked it behind himself and it hit our first baseman
    (many people claim this was done on purpose but it looked to me like the
    thing just got wedged on his hand).

    The unsportsmanlike moment was when, as the kid stood on base, distracted
    in brushing off his helmet, our first baseman picked the bat up and struck
    him in the back of the head. Hard. The guy dropped like a bag of rocks and
    eventually had to be taken out in a stretcher. Later that week it was in
    the paper that he passed away in the hospital.

  3. Displaced Jonesable says:

    Americans please….. Stop…. It’s FOOTBALL, not SOCCER.
    By your logic we should call your sport either;
    A sport Named Football but the ball actually spends more time on the
    floor, in the air or in players hands, than on players feet.

  4. Raul M says:

    Im a fan of both “soccer” and “football” but why did Americans decide to
    call “football”, football? I mean shouldn’t it be called something like
    “handball”? The word “foot” is in relation to our feet. which is what
    soccer players use for the most part. and “football” players use hands for
    the most part as well. So it makes sense to call soccer, football and
    doesn’t make sense to call “football”, football. 

  5. alfd11 says:

    How can anyone look at that weak headbutt and say it was worse than the
    Steve Moore incident or what Marty McSorely did to Donald Brashear? What a

  6. Ailuri Catbear says:

    Wait, do they actually do the handshake line in soccer? I thought that was
    just an elementary school thing to keep the kids from having their feelings

    Also, I can’t imagine anything more painful than being headbutted by a
    soccer player.

  7. Jershon1998 says:

    For everyone hating on America for calling it soccer, the UK called it
    soccer first. 

  8. Nathaniel Levesque says:

    Watching someone get beaten up with a shoe is funny as hell.

  9. MilkHound says:

    How the hell is the attack on Nancy Kerrigan not #1. Everything else on
    the list was a reaction to insults or taunting, or at least competition
    making players emotions run too high. Even Tyson had a reason. What Tanya
    Harding did was premeditated and evil. She didn’t even do it herself. You
    Dillholes put it at #8. Screw you guys. 

  10. Youtube says:

    American football = RUGBY FOR PUSSIES…

  11. SpaztallicA says:

    Soccer = the original footbal. American football = rugby for pussies.

  12. Vague Memory says:

    I rarely even read comments anymore as they only discourage any hope that I
    had in humanity. You people are so ridiculously childish and ignorant. The
    majority of you reveal extremely limited intelligence as well as a complete
    lack of maturity in your comments yet you are absolutely unaware of it and
    truly believe yourselves to be right. Thankfully there is evidence that a
    global catastrophe wipes mankind out every couple thousand years because
    you people are an embarrassment to mankind and do not deserve the lives
    that you were given. Don’t like my comment? That is because you are too
    ignorant to understand how absolutely true it is.

  13. artur mikhaylov says:

    I see a lot of comments about soccer and football.. i have a perfect name
    for american football… THROWBALL!!!!

  14. Old Man Grandpa says:

    So if you’re white and you spit at a black person you’re racist, no
    exceptions. Dammit WatchMojo you’re better than this! 

  15. Jack McNally says:

    What letter does Satan start with? S.
    What letter does Soccer start with? S!
    If you play soccer, you are against God!
    Y’all need to go to Chruch ya hear?
    Learn the truth and read the Bibble!

  16. jeFF Fury says:

    You can pick top 100 spits in sports, why put the same offence into this
    list twice? There are much more offensive moments in sports you can find

  17. 3oin says:

    ok let me get this straight Luis Suarez the player of last season gets a 10
    match ban for biting but not injuring. Diego Costa professional U.B (Ugly
    Bastard) steps on 2 Liverpool players in one match breaking can’s leg and
    bleeding skertel… SERIOUSLY!!! and get’s a 3 match ban. well martin
    Atkinson was the ref so I’m not even surprised he’s been so close to the
    sacking for fixing matches. HE’S STILL A FUCKING GOBSHITE!!! FUCK

  18. Larry Jarrins says:

    I really don’t like tanya Harding….go Nancy 

  19. Aman dir says:

    I would mention Lance Armstrong…

  20. RickinHK says:

    #1 fucking (provoked) headbutt to the chest? … Oh yeah, that’s worse
    than a stick to the neck, bite to the ear, deliberate and organised attack
    at the Olympics …

  21. Ajdin Kucevic says:
  22. David Lawman says:

    06:55 sucker punch…

  23. Ryan Kosior says:

    Pretty much all the honorable mentions are worse than the headbutt.

  24. Apache Nuth says:

    That fifa world cup was in 2014 

  25. sanfor ifrit says:

    most americans comments about FOOTBALL is disgusting especially when they
    called it “sports for pussies” , you know when you insult football you are
    insulting millions of football fans around the world .
    no offense but please just stick with your american football and let the
    rest of the world enjoy thier beloved sports .
    ZIDANE is a legend.

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