Top 10 Electronic Arts Games

They’re the biggest publisher in the video game industry, and they may have a bad rap on the streets as of late thanks to some terrible business decisions. But this unfeeling titan of the industry…
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24 Responses

  1. Hunter the Hunter says:

    I just wanted to say “Fuck EA,” that is all.

  2. Geoff Janes says:

    Anybody else remember: “EA GAMES – *Challenge Everything*”?

  3. Tyler Austin says:

    Is skate 3 excluded in this list? Because I thought it was pretty good or
    at least got an honorable mention.

  4. HBMHD says:

    I get it, Battlefield is huge and awesome, but I really don’t get why so
    many people is impressed by the 64 players in one big map, have these guys
    player Planetside 2 when it’s highly populated? the numbers are epic large.

  5. Foxy The Pirate says:

    Top 10 EA Games:

    10) Team Fortress Classic
    9) DotA
    8) Portal
    7) Portal 2
    6) Counter Strike
    5) Left 4 Dead
    4) Left 4 Dead 2
    3) Half Life
    2) Team Fortress 2
    1) Half Life 2
    . . . . . . . . . . . . /
    I see the future / ͡° 

  6. James060394 says:

    BF3 over BF2 (NOT Bad Company 2)? Ugh, BF3 is so unbelievably dumbed
    compared to BF2, handholding players, increasing the time to kill and
    pacing of the game drastically to compete with COD, the maps were cramped
    and small compared to BF2…the list goes on. BF3 must have only been
    chosen due to how stupidly mainstream the series has become thanks to EA,
    people claiming BC2 is the best BF game as well? BC2 is a great game but
    it’s not a BF game by any stretch.


  7. Xtreme Games says:

    Battlefield 3’s campaign was not forgettable, it was unbearable. I didn’t
    play more than 3 missions.

  8. The Paragader says:

    Dragon Age: Origins should have been #2. Mass Effect 2 is rightfully, #1.

  9. Miguel Hernandez says:

    Garden Warfare!!!

  10. soconeolitico says:

    how about top 10 games EA fucked up

  11. Faizan1631 says:

    BUT BAD COMPANY 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Alex Carter says:

    Mass effect #1 no doubt
    Command & Conquer should have ranked higher
    i agree with the list

  13. Emmanuelle Person says:

    Dragon Age Inquisition may have beaten Mass Effect 2, but it lacks the risk
    to loose your companions and the feeling that your decisions changed
    something in the final…

  14. Jason Garmendez says:

    I’ve liked this video, but the Favorite DLC will be $4.79

  15. TheDragVeteran says:

    Burnout 3?

  16. DaTechnoDood LevelX says:

    EA Sports over Dragon Age??? BLASPHEMY!!!

  17. says:

    third (and final clip) today. here are some related top 10s:
    Top 10 NES Games
    Top 10 Dreamcast Games
    Top 10 Sega Genesis Games
    Top 10 PS2 Games
    tune in tomorrow for 3 more videos!

  18. idan flax says:


  19. Sateki Aholoka says:

    Um where’s FIFA? O_o

  20. Arcode42 says:

    How the f*** can you consider FIFA 15 to be in the same category as EA
    Sports in general, just look at the sheer number of sales ffs, FIFA is EA’s
    best game, that’s it, you canmt complain, as good as ME2 is, FIFA is EA’s
    best game, even if Ultimate Team has gone haywire in the past few months

  21. Zach S says:

    Out of all NFS games you choose Underground 2?! Are you mad? Uhh, let’s
    see, Carbon, Most Wanted, ProStreet, and my personal favourite,

  22. kharolgurgel says:

    Mass Effect 2 is one of the best games I ever played <3

  23. Savory Gaming says:

    I knew Sims 2 would be up there, and i completely agree. Sometimes i get
    torn between Sims 2 and Sims 3. But Sims 2, with the expansions, is the
    best game ever. If only Sims 4 was like it..

  24. Oisin Osborne says:

    1. Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun
    2. Mass effect 2
    3. Dead space
    4.Command & Conquer: Renegade
    5. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
    6. SSX on Tour
    7. Dragon age inquisition
    8. Mirrors edge
    9. BF 2
    10. Sled storm (still waiting for a hd remake:))

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