Top 10 Animal Crossing: New Leaf Tips

THANK YOU FOR 13500+ VIEWS AND 200+ LIKES!==== If you’re like me, you’ve obviously been playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the past two weeks. I’ve done very well at the game, but I…

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25 Responses

  1. ThatEpicDude says:

    Hello, everyone!

    It has been confirmed that my channel has received 75,000 views! Also, this
    video has just received 16,000 views and over 275 likes! I am incredibly
    happy about this. I hope that you are learning from this video how to be
    successful in Animal Crossing. I am trying to make a special video to
    celebrate which should be up sometime soon. Thank you again.

    — ThatEpicDude

  2. Jennifer Aguirre says:

    Thanks. this helped a lot. I am new to Animal Crossing and I’m very much
    enjoying it..need friends though:)

  3. raheba khanom says:

    Wanna be friends? =)

  4. Lowri Hatchett says:

    Anyone wanna play animal crossing my friend code is 3110-5159-2609

  5. Burning Evolution says:

    Nice vid. I have no acnl friends though :(

  6. Nerdy Skitty says:

    We have to record together 

  7. Domo Bro says:

    awesome video!!! you were smart enough to recap through the vid to remind
    us! btw
    does anyone wanna play animal crossing new leaf with me my fc is

  8. Jessica Barnard says:

    I have no acnl friends and I hsve no Internet so can someone help?

  9. katrina stokes says:

    hi just wondering, do you still play acnl if so wanna meet on it?? 

  10. NORCALSINCE87 says:

    great video

  11. xXShakinBaconXx says:

    Ahh! Love how you made this video for people who have slower wi-fi 🙂 Thank
    you very much 🙂 I’ll subscribe (Watch my videos too!!) HAHA LOVA YA
    LOTSOOO!! -.-

  12. Domo Bro says:

    btw im gonna subscribe

  13. flaming terd droid says:

    Really good and helpful video! Well done. Keep up the good work!

  14. Dave Paulson says:

    Accomplish your biggest problems?

  15. kld0093 says:

    thanks bro 

  16. Andy LPS says:

    I feel like I cheated on the friend tip… I have a twin sis that has a
    different native fruit then me, and I only got the game a few days ago so I
    don’t have the island but I visit my sisters daily so I started off the
    game In a better position than most. But the sharks always flee from me…

  17. FatBatMan122 says:

    You know what, I like your style. I think I’m going to subscribe.

  18. The Simpson Critic says:

    Awesome video

  19. selectfighter says:

    Thanks this was SUPER helpful! Keep up the good work!

  20. Josh Grant says:

    What’s urs?

  21. jacob bill says:

    The rainbow stag is 10 thousand bells lol few

  22. CrimsonSlims says:

    Nice video thx for the tips.

  23. BlackBrothersGaming says:

    6 likes?! Lolololol!!

  24. Josh Grant says:

    Add me plz fc is 5198-3551-0530

  25. TheFoxyGamer says:

    im adding this to my Animal crossing new leaf starter guide

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