Time Weighted Rate of Return in the Forex Trade Log

Time Weighted Rate of Return in the Forex Trade Log

http://forexsmarttools.com/trade-log.php automatically uses a sophisticated analysis method called compounded time weighted returns to figure out your equity change percentages with ease and…
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4 Responses

  1. pompasduris says:

    I don’t understand where the $1200 came from in the second column, third
    row. That was not a part of the problem setup.

  2. Wessel de Roode says:

    Excellent work!

  3. MrKahunadog says:

    Agreed, Smarttools keeps getting better. Great product, service, supporting
    videos, supporting material and continuous improvement.

  4. Brendan Martin says:

    Great video explanation. Im glad the log does all the hard work for me so I
    can just concentrate on trading rather than accounting! This program just
    keeps getting better and better. I really don’t know how I ever survived
    without it! Keep up the fantastic work.

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