Time Travel: The Body

Time Travel: The Body

Time travel is an ancient concept (it even occurs in the Hindu epic The Mahabharata) but could it really happen? Could a person physically travel through time? Subscribe | http://bit.ly/stdwytk-su…

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25 Responses

  1. spikezkid022 says:

    who knows, maybe there are people that came from the future, and they’re
    messing with us right now…

  2. Drace90 says:

    Well, it’s actually quite easy to explain why we haven’t met any time
    travelers yet and there are multiple theories:

    1. After the many-worlds-interpretation we create countless new alternate
    realities with every slight decision. So for every possibility there would
    be an alternate timeline. The act of traveling backwards in time would also
    create a new timeline but not in the present but in the past.
    Example: Time traveler A travels into the past of his timeline A. With
    appearing in the past he would automatically create and now live in a new
    timeline B, which is identical to that of timeline A except with him in it.
    That’s why paradoxa won’t ever happen and why we possibly could never see a
    time traveler. Because we only live in timeline A and he would land in
    timeline B. This theory is my favourite as it’s scientifically accurate and
    explains alot open questions about theoretical time travel how time and
    space would react to it.

    2. Time Travel could still be possible and we just won’t ever figure it
    out. It’s a tuff nut, that’s for sure.

    3. Time travel happened and we got the proof all around us without knowing
    it or taking it serious. We’ve heard stories about advanced civilizations
    that had knowledge and technologies which won’t appear for the next
    thousends of years before, right? Also ancient pictures that show detailed
    images of astronauts or lightning bulbs. Or architectual wonders that make
    us wonder “how did they do that???”. And of course hundreds of
    UFO-sightings every year that could very well be aircrafts from a future
    civilization. I’m just saying. If you take something mysterious as an
    explanation for these things, it could very well be time travel.

  3. tallperson117 says:

    Someday I’m gonna dress up all weird, find a kid who looks like me, find
    out his name and a few things from his life, and tell him that I am him
    from the future.

  4. Robert Devino says:

    you can not travel through time and end up where you want to unless you
    know the exact center of the universe. We have our daily spinning on our
    axes at about 1000 miles an hour. Then we are orbiting around the sun at
    about 6000 miles an hour. Then the sun is rotating around the center of the
    galaxy. The galaxy is rotating around the center of a galaxy cluster which
    is rotating around a bigger cluster that might be rotating around the
    center of the universe! If you add up all these rotation speeds we are
    actually moving in the millions of miles per hour speed ranges. So if you
    want to go back in time and end up in a particular place on the earth or
    even just end up on earth at all you have to be able to calculate where the
    earth would have been at the time you want to go back to. Until we know the
    exact center of the universe to be able to know where in Space the earth
    will be. Remember it’s “Space/Time” not just time and not just space you
    would be traveling in! If your time is off by just a little bit the earth
    could be a million miles from where you end up! 

  5. 75lexluther says:

    God will not permit time travel but can allow dreams that seems so real
    about future events

  6. Simon Swain says:

    Here are the facts: I made a coffee. Here’s where it gets crazy: I’m
    drinking it.

  7. Robert Walker says:

    I have time traveled. I write about my experiences in a book called
    Remember the Rainbow, by Robert Walker. Buy it and read it for further

  8. Luke Carelsen says:

    I love this time travel series. awesome, keep it up guys.

    Here is a thought, “what if we are leading the time line”? – we will be the

  9. Christian Sheron says:

    studying medicine taugh me 1 thing: belive. Everything is possible.

  10. Kitsch Puffer Fish says:

    The only guy who can time travel is God, get over it humans…

  11. theespressokid1 says:

    Why no mention of the Montauk Project?

  12. Khang pham says:
  13. Monsiemage says:

    What if every time you dream, your mind is forwarding you into a different
    plane/dimension. Tons of people claim to see things happen in dreams before
    they happen in life. 

  14. Mark O'Donnell says:

    I don’t know if time travel is possible…BUT….The old fella at 0:54
    looks very like Martin Scorsese.

  15. SamusAranFan says:

    @ Rougher DK if god exists moreover time travel isnt exactly impossible 

  16. Brian Stusalitus says:

    Trying to time travel using materialism or technology is the error equal to
    trying to get a baby inside the womb to walk. Time travel is possible with
    meditation and astral projection and it’s been achieved every day of
    humanity’s existence. How to stay in that time that you visit while in
    meditation or astral projection is the next frontier of study.

  17. Ryan Rogers says:

    Here is a big problem with the time travel examples outlines here (besides
    of course the time travel aspect). The universe is expanding, the earth
    rotates around the sun, the sun rotates around the galaxy. If the ship from
    the Manhattan Project was somehow able to travel in time and it appeared in
    the same location it left from it would be in the middle of space. Sure
    maybe a super advanced race could overcome this by also teleporting to the
    location of their choice but not the US Government in the 1940s who would
    have time travelled by accident as stated in the video. 

  18. TG's channel says:

    The reason there are no time travelers from the future is that maybe there
    is no future. 

  19. Al May says:

    how about the grandfather paradox?

  20. deprogrammer says:

    I absolutely believe that time travel is possible, and that advanced
    technologies are. and have been around for decades. Even the ability to
    open a Einstein Rosen Bridge is possible.

  21. Shubert McWilbur says:

    If I was a time traveler from the future I wouldn’t go around broadcasting

  22. Lordofthepastries says:

    Billy Fucking Pilgrim

  23. oedipusvv says:


  24. David Leopold says:

    If time travelers went into the past…if I could travel through time I
    would dress up like the people. Because f *** them it’s my invention. 

  25. Cali M says:

    I have “considered the case of Andew Basiago” and i consider it to be a
    complete hoax.

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