Tight & Toned Beach-Ready Body Workout by FitnessBlender.com

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24 Responses

  1. Gordon Overkill says:

    Honestly didn’t expect this one to be so exhausting x-) Anyway, it was
    definitely fun!

  2. Ingrid Williams says:

    Seriously, I added 5lbs ankle weights and did this…what was I thinking?!
    Great burn and great workout as usual. Thanks Kelli :-))

  3. Lynn Mundy says:

    Tight & Toned Beach-Ready Body Workout by Fitness…:
    Then done 95% of this one!! ouch my glutes! Thanks #FitnessBlender +

  4. Evelyn L says:

    Tight & Toned Beach-Ready Body Workout by Fitness…:

  5. Sandy vdh says:
  6. Sonja Koruga says:

    The best workout channel on YouTube!

  7. Caitlin KittyKat says:

    This workout is so good! I love how repetitive it is as by the end i felt
    like the exercises were getting easier cause i’d done them a few times!
    definitaly reccomend to anyone whoo is unsure about doing it!

  8. Gauri Nagraj says:

    Yeahh.. Best instructions with clarity in video.. I am gonna get started
    doing this for my brother’s marriage in Dec.. Hope i gt the bestt results..

  9. T. Tucker says:

    Thank God I found this YouTube channel 

  10. Chanele Gray says:

    Who knew laying on the floor could make you so tired lol? Great workout

  11. pinkdogrose says:

    Done :-)

  12. BlackRoseZ3 says:

    So I have lost about 100 pounds with hard work and eating right but now i’m
    faced with the loose skin. Will this video REALLY work to tone up my body
    before the end of the year?

  13. Franziska G says:

    done :)

  14. Anabel Rios says:

    Acomplished. Thank you for such great full workout videos

  15. Michie Mills says:

    this work out is nice

  16. lil missnosey says:

    I did it… ahhhh

  17. enni m says:

    LOOOVE IT :)

  18. Otaku4Life says:

    What type of workouts do you have to do to get a flat belly

  19. Linh Nguyen says:

    how many time do i do this a week? 

  20. Husna Begum says:

    I’ve just started the workout I’m so glad I’ve found this, 

  21. Simply SheShe says:

    You guys are the best!!! The only workout videos I watch!

  22. Juli Brown says:

    love this work outs and am going to do them for 30days to se how much
    better my nice body will improve. good job guys 

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