Three Michael McDonalds Sing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” (w/ Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake)

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake join the real Michael McDonald to sing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” in the round. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon:…
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25 Responses

  1. Anna Bb says:

    OMG, I thought it’s Ted Mosby from How I met your mother when i saw Jimmy

  2. Jordan Schutten says:

    I actually was still expecting Jimmy and Justin to come in at the end…
    when I realized that the old guys are them O.O

  3. Mark Olson says:

    I think it’s stuff like this that makes actors and celebrities love their
    jobs that much more.

  4. MsPunk1209 says:

    This IS GOLD. I love Michael McDonald, and JT and Fallon did a great
    impression of him. 

  5. Tim McClain says:

    That’s funny! Michael McDonald must have a sense of humor to be on stage
    with two guys imitating him!

  6. BetaoftheBass says:

    i absolutely love this its super cute and i just love Michale McDonald
    they all did a great job!!!!

  7. juliancisthebest says:

    The way Jimmy says “merrily” just kills me. And his and JT’s obsession with
    Michael is hilarious. This skit never ceases to make me laugh :)

  8. Yvonne Herman says:

    Life is but a dream!

  9. Charlie Robinson says:

    Which one is George Lucas?

  10. Gorilla Branders says:

    Jimmy Fallon, Timberlake and McDonald sing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat #Funny #Music #Video

  11. Karen Brandenberger says:


  12. MethodicalMadness says:

    George Lucas can SING!

  13. Mike Algiers says:

    Can’t stop laughing xD

  14. felecia w says:

    Hahahahaha! Justin looks like colonel sanders! 

  15. Breezy Shai says:

    Jimmy’s ova here lookin like Colonel Sanders with spazzy jellyfish arms
    omfg xD

  16. TobyCat says:

    I believe the actual lyric is, “life’s a butter dream.” ;)

  17. Rob_ quash says:

    What type of singing is this

  18. JNRHD says:

    Dragon Ball Z TFS Adbridged……

  19. Cheese Man says:


  20. Sean Ellis says:

    You think Michael’s little hesitation was like “I don’t wanna sound like
    their impressions….”

  21. Cooper Carroll says:

    Three Michael McDonalds Sing “Row, Row, Row Your …:

  22. Kris Hill says:

    Row, row, row, your boat has now been perfected. 

  23. Zoran Majer says:
  24. Stephanie Unson says:

    YES. YES. A thousand times YES.

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