The World’s Best Parkour and Freerunning

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25 Responses

  1. StuntsAmazing says:

    Hey Guys we just released the sequel video.
    Here it is: The World’s Best Parkour and Freerunning 2013
    Share it with your friends!

  2. Catherine Blair says:

    Taking the body to the highest level of balletic(?), extreme body
    art-formation. ASTOUNDING, and BRAVO, to all, achieving these brave new
    heights. THANK YOU.

  3. StuntsAmazing says:

    Hey Everyone we have released the 2014 Version and you can watch it here The
    World’s Best Parkour and Freerunning 2014 ! Hope you enjoy it.

    – StuntsAmazing

  4. Aqua Cube Gaming says:

    Like if ur watching in 2015

  5. Jack Sparrow says:

    0:26 i think his head hurt him about month! 

  6. Ronnie West says:

    Whenever I pause a video to comment, that’s when I know it gets a like.
    This is single-handedly the most amazing thing I have ever seen the human
    body perform. 

  7. Bogusław Rutkowski says:


  8. elBurrito Burglar says:

    A lot of this is barely parkour, just unnecessary flips and shit. Credit
    granted where due though, it takes a lot of skill. 

  9. Nathan Schubert says:

    It takes a special kind of mindset to make those jumps with the zero
    hesitation required to do them correctly. At one point a guy jumped onto a
    metal bar and hit in such a way that he would have broken his ankle if he
    hadn’t instantly flicked it forward to slide off the bar.

  10. Aless Li says:

    Damn I wish I could do parkour 

  11. Frogben says:

    am i the only one who practices parkour just so i can get from point a to
    point b as fast as possible?

  12. chef Jef says:

    Looks fun but RISKY 

  13. Lisa Black says:

    zombie apocalypse skills…. 

  14. Daniele Boldrini says:

    Ma come me fanno o.o

  15. Trolling Prodigy says:

    Whats The Name Of The Song At The START IM FUCKING SERIOUS U SAY

  16. Plague Doctor says:

    OMFG the same flips a thousand times…and you “freerunners” still find
    this interesting??
    I can think of a thousand more interesting things to do. EG, off the top of
    my head, try a 180 kong-cash. Just stop doing the same boring shit that you
    only like because you think it looks impressive to other people. Do
    ACTUALLY difficult shit.
    Freerunners can eat a bag of dicks.

  17. Terrapin Adventures says:

    Can you believe what these guys can do? #Parkour 

  18. Amandeep Saggi says:


  19. nguyen275 says:

    If a person fail at a parkour stunt, they aren’t dumb/stupid for that. That
    mean they need practice and got to learn something from that
    mistake/experience then try again… That is if they’ll survive and the
    injury is at a minimum…

  20. Joey Hendricks says:

    Lorenzo is nothing compared to these guys

  21. gemcatcher100 says:

    I wish I could do this does anyone know how you can learn this?

  22. BarryDennen12 says:

    They really aren’t that good at parkour

  23. Neyder Tavares Fonseca says:

    Série Brincando com Coisa Seria: Preparo The World’s Best Parkour and

  24. Dominic Ploc says:

    Guys are some of the clips from austria freerunners?

  25. daw mat says:

    please tell me the name of first song 

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