The TSA’s 12 Banned Items of Christmas

As travelers board planes this holiday, please be aware of 12 actual banned items from the Transportation Security Administration. Approximately 3:51. Written and performed by Justin Monticello….

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25 Responses

  1. Kate Lindekugel says:


    How am I going to get back to Texas from Phoenix if I can’t bring my
    inflatable cactus?

  2. VeryDerpyBrony says:

    I’m going to bring water and label it Breast Milk. lel

  3. MacNutz2 says:

    The rules are stupid, the lengthy expensive process doesn’t work, and they
    hire idiots.

  4. Walsh Photographic Design says:

    The TSA’s 12 Banned Items of Christmas – YouTube

  5. Aaron Reichert says:

    I feel so much safer!

  6. Tony J says:

    1. Napalm is a gel, as well as many other volatile explosives. If it were
    in a pie, they would be able to smell it and call that person out.
    2. The pocket knife is probably because it is a weapon that puts fear into
    people. It is easily hidden and they can quickly grab a flight attendant
    and proceed to slit her throat in front of the passengers, which as you may
    expect, will scare the living shit out of everyone. Though this reason I’m
    kinda shaky on. The fact that they let scissors and knitting needles on is
    pretty strange my best guess is that they aren’t as easy to use and they
    probably won’t cause as much fear. Remember though, I’m not saying I agree
    with some of this, I’m only stating their likely reasoning.
    3. The corkscrew can be used as a weapon and it can be used to tamper with
    the plane. The ice skates probably aren’t going in your hands, but rather
    in the baggage compartment. This one does seem kinda bullshit to me though.
    It can still be used as a weapon just like a weapon or a bludgeon.
    4. The bat can be filled with explosives because it is hollow. The tennis
    racket is a pretty strange allowance though. The wires can be used as
    weapons for choking and can be used as a bludgeon.
    5. Bowling stick can be used as a bludgeon and to stab. The fact that they
    allow a fishing pole is weird. The wire can be used to choke people.
    6.The bowling ball is a pretty strange allowance, but I guess its too short
    and heavy for them to care (pretty ironic really).
    7. There are lots of clear liquid explosives and fire starters. Breast milk
    is never sealed so they can open it and smell if it is an explosive.
    8. Fish won’t live in anything other than water. Plus, if it were a fish
    bowl, they would smell if it weren’t water. Snow globes are sealed.
    9. Not sure about the CO2 canisters.
    10. 2 Matchbooks, lit at the same time will make a sizable flare which they
    probably will be able to fuck something up with or cause an explosion.

    Disclaimer: No I don’t fucking like the TSA and I think they do some
    bullshit stuff. But this video is being just as silly.

  7. Dahway Lin says:

    did he keep the vibrator in his shirt pocket XD

    and also love how the target at 2:16 is already dented from failed shots

  8. Billy Andrews says:

    He didn’t mention this grenade i have here….TO THE AIRPORT AWAAAAYYYY

  9. Doubting Rich says:

    Actually the matches, lighters and the CO2 are nothing to do with the TSA.
    That is under ICAO dangerous goods regulations, which have been in place
    for decades.

  10. Christopher Banacka says:

    I used the loophole for CO2 for my BB gun, i CAN bring the BB gun if it is
    a locked box, as if it was a REAL firearm. But no CO2 at all, unless it is
    part of the lifevest…
    Look at all the people i murdered

  11. TacoSpy says:

    Remember kids, if you bring any of these, we’ll fucking steal them.

  12. Stu i dont give a a fuck pot says:

    I get weapons BUT FOOD WTF 

  13. TheQuantumSeven says:


    Bureaucracy everywhere. 

  14. vioscios says:

    I think its $9,999.99 in cash unless you have that treasury form filled
    out. $10,000 and they could seize it without the form.

  15. Jim Culpepper says:

    Boy do I feel safer knowing that I have a such a professional group
    composed of thieves, pedophiles, and perverts protecting me. Thanks
    anyway, I’ll fly my own airplane.

  16. Dexter Lecter says:

    One of these things is not like the other software :)

  17. Greene Smith says:

    I feel like Christmas Trees should be on the list… because I feel like
    someone is a big enough ass to do it.

  18. FreiBILDfuerAlle says:

    Thanks I feel much safer now!

  19. TransHerring says:

    anyone giving up freedom in exchange for “security” deserves neither.

  20. Zenaida Alejo says:

    Wait wait wait so another aproved item is 10,000 cash why the fuck would
    they want you to bring that much and so does that mean they want to rob you

  21. Omar Yo says:

    Who said Libertarians hadn’t a sense of humor? Nobody! That’s
    who….Friggin hillarious….

  22. I have a new youtube name I can use spaces and punctuation now too :D YAY! :DDDDDDDD says:


  23. Abel Fenley says:


  24. Gene Naftulyev says:

    Better safe then… ah… sorry?

  25. Sai says:

    Accurate. They missed the medical liquid clause though…

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